Glam Polish – Zodiac Cancer

Hi beauties!

I’d like to show you my first ever Glam Polish today! This shade is called Cancer and is from their Hypnotic polish store exclusive Zodiac collection. Since my zodiac sign is Cancer I had to have it (also because of the great berry base colour, the stunning holo and the mesmerizing red glitter particles!). It is a real beauty! I own lots of holos that show their bling in the sunlight but look a little dull and boring without direct light. The cool thing about this polish is that the little red glitter particles shine and glow in the shade which makes this nail polish unique! Very pretty.

Application was good, two easy coats were enough to achieve great coverage. When the polish dries it has a gritty/rough finish, something I already know from a lot of he Fun Lacquers I own. This happens because of the larger glitter particles but can be fixed with two coats of top coat (I used Seche Vite for the pictures below).
The wear was great, I took it off after the third day and there were no signs of chipping or tip wear yet.

Now to the pictures!

Glam Polish Cancer // headtofoot.wordpress.comu Glam Polish Cancer // Glam Polish Cancer // Glam Polish Cancer // Glam Polish Cancer //

See these red glitters? I totally fell in love with those!
I bought Glam Polish Cancer at Hypnotic Polish.

So, what’s your zodiac sign and do you own a zodiac nail polish? 🙂

Happy weekend!


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