I like cats more than dogs,
black more than white,
tea more than coffee,
Burger King more than McDonalds,
beer more than wine,
tattoos more than piercings,
snow more than rain.
I rather watch comedy than drama.
I rather order sushi than pizza.
I can’t make up my mind about OPI and China Glaze though…


Hey everyone, I’m a girl from Cologne in Germany – this city had a huge impact on me, when I first moved here about 10 years ago. Before that I lived in a very small village, where the only beauty products being sold were shampoo and black mascara. Seduced by the numerous shopping opportunities in this city, my passion for beauty and fashion emerged. Lately I’m somehow stuck with nail polish, which is a good thing. Not only does it give me great pleasure to paint my nails, collect nail polishes, find out about new shades I have to get, it is also a wonderful thing to read all your beautiful blogs out there and share my own little stories.


In “real” life I’m a 30 year old PhD-student of Phonetics (language/linguistics).

Thank you so much for reading my blog, enjoy and feel free to comment! But please keep in mind that this is only my hobby, I’m not a professional or anything.

You can contact me via email: schneevante[at]vollbio.de


11 thoughts on “About

  1. I really enjoyed surfing your blog your gonna be my role model in 2 things
    1- Being a nail polishing lover 🙂
    2- Being a linguistics student because I am 2 years away of being a linguistics student too 😀 I’m on my second year right now but what do you know I might continue studying & be like you 🙂


  2. Just discovered your blog……It is a pleasure reading it……And mind you I am doing it while in the office ( dont tell my boss) its my extended coffee break anyway….. I am into nail polish too but unlike you I am just on the starting point of it…..One of my stress reliever…..

    Anyways…..this looks like a novel already….Just want to tell you that your blog is great and keep it up…..


  3. hey cutie,
    ich hoffe es ist ok dir hier auf deutsch zu schreiben, mein englisch ist ein bisschen eingerostet…
    bin beim surfen auf der asstel seite auf deinen blog gestossen,
    impressive 🙂
    auch wenn ich keinen plan von der nagellackwelt habe finde ichs super!
    küsschen von Anika*


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