As you might have seen in some of my blog postings, it’s also my hobby to create my own nail polishes. Right now, I’m looking for an ingredient that will suspend glitter in clear nail polish, and I’m trying things out to make it work.

Every now and then, I also create my own colours, which I would like to show you here. Feel free to comment and criticize!

Spring Love [sprɪŋ lʌv]

Bley & Grue [bleɪ ӕnd gruː]

Pink Noise [pʰɪŋkʰnɔɪz]

Liaison [liːɛzↄ̃]

Uptalk [ʌptʰↄːkʰ]

And also check out other nail polish lovers wearing my frankens 🙂

Pink Noise
Nicciwo from the PurseForum

Spring Love
Dressage Queen from the PurseForum
Nicciwo from the PurseForum
kelkoo89 from the PurseForum
willpaintnailsforfood on her tumblr

Bley & Grue
kelkoo89 from the PurseForum (1)
kelkoo89 from the PurseForum (2)
addictedtotheshinyshiny on her tumblr
Nicciwo from the PurseForum

addictedtotheshinyshiny on her tumblr

addictedtotheshinyshiny on her tumblr


19 thoughts on “Frankening

  1. Your frankens looks gorgeous! Love the names and the fact that I can actually read the phonetic transcription. It would totally rock if their labels are written in phonetics. 🙂


  2. Hi there, I’m wondering where you buy your bases for the polish? I’ve really wanted to start making my own (it looks like so much fun!) but I can’t seem to find anyone that sells the bases. Only thing I’ve come across is TKB, but they don’t seem to ever have things in stock. Thanks!


      • thanks for your comment! Thiese starter kits are great for frankeners who want to do their own polish at home. I was especially interested in finding out myself how to keep glitter up in clear nail polish, so I experimented. Probably, buying this kit would have saved me lots of time 😉


  3. Hi nice frankens!
    I would like to know the result of your “resarch” on suspension product (aerosil xanthane etc..)
    Does one of them perfectly work ? the nail polish still dry ?
    Thank you
    (from france 🙂


  4. Pink noise is my favorite! Reminds me of candy ^_^ i love the name too. I was just telling my husband the most fun part of making my own nail polish will be naming them! Im still gathering better stuff after 3 failed attemps. And my husband researhes if he can find aerosil r9712, 200 or 300 in turkey now if not do you think it would be a problem for my friend to bring me some? Anyways… This was my last comment (for today) I promise!


    • Thanks! Creating names is really the most fun 😀
      But it can also be difficult. I think it won’t be easy to get Aerosil r972 for your friend, I only got it from a blogger friend who works in chemistry.
      Aerosil 200 can be bought in every pharmacy here in germany, but it is not perfect for frankening. Good luck!


      • It’s OK. I don’t need perfection I’m only gonna mke the polishes for myself for now 🙂 I just want glitters to not sink! 🙂 if I can’t find any here I’ll tell her to get me some aerosil 200 ^_^ thanks again!


  5. Hi! I wanted to make nail polish myself and came across your blog after I began researching. I have the chemical to thicken the polish but I’m stuck! I’ve seen that you ‘mix’ the chemical with a blade and wondered what you used and was it expensive? Any information would be greatly appreciated. 🙂


  6. I sell cosmetic glitter and was looking for a suspension base through one of my suppliers and found it.

    Clear Nail Polish Suspension Base.
    New & improved formula, specially designed to suspend glitters, dries faster, lasts longer and suspends better. (Warning: This product has a strong smell, it cannot be used in a poorly ventilated environment).

    For the next two weeks, our prices are even lower!! (Offer is valid while supplies last. Not valid on prior purchases.)

    1 pc – 8 fl oz – $7.50
    2 pcs – 16 fl oz – $13.50
    4 pcs – 32 fl oz – $23.80
    16 pcs – 1 gal – $69.95

    “We Will Match Any Competitive Price*
    All sales are final. Please try it out first by ordering an 8oz. bottle before ordering in large quantities. This product cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska or internationally.


  7. forgot to post ingredients from the website.
    ingredients: Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose , Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Isobutyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Adipic Acid / Neopentyl Glycol / Trimellitic Anhydride Copolymer, Silica, Styrene / Acrylates Copolymer, N-Butyl Alcohol, Benzophenone-1, D&C Violet #2


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