Essence Hugs & Kisses glitter topper swatches!

Hey beauties!

I’m usually never on time or up to date with the polishes and collections I show on my blog, but I found these glitter toppers today and I think they’re so cute – so I will show them to you right away! These toppers are from the Hugs and Kisses TE by Essence and is available in stores from January til February. Two polishes contain heart glitter – perfect for Valentines Day!

First of all, I must say, the bottles are really tiny (5ml) compared to the normal bottles Essence offers. Also, with that much glitter in the bottle, mixing balls would have been nice.

Essence Hugs & Kisses Glitter Toppers

As a base for the swatch pics I used a black creme polish (GOSH – nero, a black one-coater, love it!). The application of all 4 polishes was nice. Enough glitter is sticking to the brush, and even the chunky hearts are easy to get out of the bottle and onto the nail. I like!

The pictures below show 1 coat of glitter topper on each nail (+Seche Vite top coat). The names of the colours from left (index) to right (pinky) are: 03 Crazy in love, 04 sunshine and red roses, 01 more than words and 02 dreams for sale. You can click the pictures to make them full size! Please note that in the bottle picture, the two polishes on the right are interchanged if you compare them to the swatch pics. I was probably too excited to pay attention to that 😉

Essence Hugs & Kisses Glitter Toppers

Essence Hugs & Kisses Glitter Toppers

Essence Hugs & Kisses Glitter Toppers

Essence 03 crazy in love
Above: 03 crazy in love

Essence 04 sunshine and red roses
Above: 04 sunshine and red roses

Essence 01 more than words
Above: 01 more than words

Essence dreams for sale
Above: 02 dreams for sale

If I had to pick a favourite it would probably be “Sunshine and red roses” (middle finger), simply because it is the most unique of the 4 polishes. The multicoloured glitters in it really surprised me, as they are not so obvious in the bottle. Unfortunately, “sunshine and red roses” is also the most limited polish of the 4, as it is only available in the big displays (there are two display sizes, and the smaller one is without the red heart glitter topper). I found the big display at “Müller”. From previous experience with big and small displays I doubt that the big display will be available at drugstores like dm in Germany 😦

But the 3 other toppers are also beautiful. The irridiscent glitter in “Dreams for sale” may not be unique in itself, but the fact that there are 3 different sizes of that glitter in it make it quite interesting. It looks like a universe or a starry sky. The heart glitter in “Crazy in love” has a beautiful purple colour that shines rainbow-y when the light hits it. So pretty!

The toppers actually come with 4 matching base colours, but i didn’t pick those up as I have enough creme shades to layer these over. I think the creme shades match the toppers really well though, so you should check them out 🙂

I really like the nail polishes of the Hugs & Kisses TE by Essence and I am quite happy to see that a drugstore brand starts experimenting with unconventional glitter shapes and sizes, a fact that we probably also owe to all the talented frankeners and indie sellers out there. The next step would be glitter in a milky base, just like China Glaze has recently shown with It’s a Trap-eze.

Thanks so much for looking! Which topper is your favourite?


13 thoughts on “Essence Hugs & Kisses glitter topper swatches!

  1. Thanks for swatching them!!
    Here in Italy we already know we won’t get the red couple (so I guess we will get just small displays) and I think I won’t find them in Slovenian DM I can reach 😦
    Anyway I like all of them; big heart shaped glitters are not my cup of tea, but I guess I could just avoid fishing them 😛
    And I also hope Essence launches some milky based glitters next time!


  2. If you like China Glaze’s It’s a Trap-eze, you should definetely check the new glitter nail polish collection of Golden Rose (17 shades). There is a one very, very similar to Trap-eze… All them are wonderful, actually.


  3. GRRRRRRRRRRR I’m jealous, no, I ENVY YOU!! 😦
    Muller is way too far for me, and as you know there’s really few Muller around here, so…I don’t understand what essence is thinking 😦

    They told me that they did two displays because they want to distribute their stuff as widely as they can. And smaller display is the idea to go that. Plus that’s because dm/Rossmann only have tiny section to put their LE displays.
    …Is it only me who completely can’t understand what they’re saying?? 😦

    Anyway beautiful swatches!! …It’s really pretty, that it even made me a bit sad to think red glitters are very limited 😥


    • Aaaw Chiro ❤
      I don't get it either. This is not a reason to limit two of the nail polishes so much. At least they should deliver it to Kaufhof and stuff – they have enough space to put large displays!!


  4. I’ve never seen these before! Or I dont remember seeing them. But i would have remembered if Ive seen them before cause they’re gorgeous. I wonder if they have it here in Turkey. There are stores selling essence but not all the collections make it to Turkey 😦 up until last year there was like three nail polish brands …


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