Trend it up – Holo Dimension 020 swatches and review

Hey everyone!

Some of you might have seen on my Instagram that I couldn’t resist and had to buy a few bottles of the new brand “Trend it up” that the german local drugstore dm is launching now. Unfortunately these beautiful nail polishes only have numbers, and I bought 020, 030 (both from the holo dimension line) as well as 050 (from the touch of satin line). Today I would like to show you 020 from the holo dimension line.

Well, in case you are now expecting a beautiful holo nail polish, I have to disappoint you. What is it with “holo” and german beauty brands?! They hardly ever get it right. Anyways, “holo” in this case means something like a multichrome glassfleck shimmer metallic kinda effect as I would describe it. The nail polishes of this line do look mesmerizing in the bottle, which is why I had to pick up two of them, and I might have to pick up the others, too ❤

Trend it up 020 is indeed hard to describe. It is one of these nail polishes where the beautiful shimmer is very strong, kinda glassfleck-y and metallic, and it gives the polish a very unique glow. It is hard to say what the base colour is, I would say maybe a fuchsia shade with cool toned blue and green glassfleck shimmer. Depending on the light this nail polish can look mulichrome (shade), shimmer (daylight), up to metallic and blingbling glittery (direct sunlight), so, a real chameleon! I tried to capture all of the effects, but had a hard time doing that.

For the pictures below I used 3 coats. I guess you could get away with 2 thick coats, but I felt like there were some bald spots in certain lighting, and I don’t mind applying 3 coats. The dry time was good, but just to be sure I added one coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat. The wear is ok, but just like other glassfleck nail polishes you might experience tip wear already after one day.

One bottle of 11ml costs 2,45 EUR.

Trend it up 020 Trend it up 020 Trend it up 020 Trend it up 020

For swatches of 4 of the holo dimension nail polishes, I recommend you visit Hungrynails, she did a great job capturing the shimmer! 🙂

Overall I liked wearing this nail polish, it looks interesting and unique. But actually it was a little too foily and shiny for my taste, but that might just be a mood that I am currently in 😉
Did you spot the new line Trend it up yet?



15 thoughts on “Trend it up – Holo Dimension 020 swatches and review

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  2. Hach der sieht schon wirklich hübsch aus und die anderen Farben der Reihe auch, aber ich lackiere aktuell irgendwie gar nicht und habe auch noch so viele unbenutzte Farben ^^ hm


  3. So pretty! I’ve seen a lot of holographic nails but only for soft gel nails polish. Yet this one is one of the closest holographic effects for normal polish! I hope companies will come out some normal polish with a chrome effect soon. Great post ❤


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