No 7 Blue Patent + Party Pearls – swatches and review

Hey beauties!

The nail polishes that I would like to show you today were gifts from a dear friend of mine. She brought them from the UK and they are from a brand called No.7, which I didn’t know before. As you may know it is almost impossible to order nail polish from the UK if you are not in the UK yourself, because the shipping policy is very strict and does not allow for nail polish to be shipped overseas. So: Yay! My friend thought of that too and surprised me with these beautiful colours for my birthday.

The two colours are a perfect pair: They are Blue Patent, the darkest marine blue nail polish I’ve ever come across. Party Pearls is a lovely glitter topper with glitters in pink, medium blue and purple in larger and smaller sizes. The bottles are beautiful and they feel and look high quality when handling them. The brush is also perfect (especially for such a dark colour where you have to be really precise and careful when applying the nail polish), it is not too thick or thin and rounded.

Before applying Blue Patent I applied a thick layer of base coat in order to avoid possible staining. Then I needed two coats of Blue Patent to achieve full coverage. I was surprised by how superdupershiny this nail polish dried! Unfortunately, some bubbles appeared on almost all nails, so I had to add a layer of Seche Vite to even this out. This is what the first picture shows.

No 7 Patent Blue

After wearing my nails like this for a day I decided to use the topper Party Pearls to extend the wear of the nail polish. And while I liked wearing Blue Patent on its own, I fell in love when I added the glitters!! They are the perfect topper for the dark blue, and the dark blue makes the glitters glow and shine like crazy. I love how the tiny glitter particles cover the whole nail, while the bigger particles add accents here and there. I received the look on the pictures with only one coat of Party Pearls, and it was really easy to apply, no dabbing required. I mattified the look on my ring finger just to see how it looks, and I love it, so I might wear the mattified version on all nails next time.

When I removed Blue Patent I had some problems with staining because of the intense blue pigment, but I was able to keep it to a minimum by applying cuticle oil around my fingernails before removing the polish.

No 7 Patent Blue plus Party Pearls No 7 Patent Blue plus Party Pearls No 7 Patent Blue plus Party Pearls

All in all, I will definitely wear this combination again soon, and I think that Blue Patent is the perfect base for so many other glitter toppers. Also, I already have a vision for it as a base for my beloved multichrome flakies from ILNP!

Also, I think that Party Pearls is a great topper with a decent glitter pay-off in one coat, which I love. So I’m dedicating this post to the blog challenge by the lovely Jenny from Plenty of Colours. This blog challenge encourages everyone to show and appreciate their toppers, so here is one of mine :) And while I’m at it, I also saw that cyw has a related monthly challenge called “Glitter on Top” over at her blog, so I’m entering there as well :) So many great challenges going on, I encourage everyone to participate!

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day!

Trend it up – Holo Dimension 020 swatches and review

Hey everyone!

Some of you might have seen on my Instagram that I couldn’t resist and had to buy a few bottles of the new brand “Trend it up” that the german local drugstore dm is launching now. Unfortunately these beautiful nail polishes only have numbers, and I bought 020, 030 (both from the holo dimension line) as well as 050 (from the touch of satin line). Today I would like to show you 020 from the holo dimension line.

Well, in case you are now expecting a beautiful holo nail polish, I have to disappoint you. What is it with “holo” and german beauty brands?! They hardly ever get it right. Anyways, “holo” in this case means something like a multichrome glassfleck shimmer metallic kinda effect as I would describe it. The nail polishes of this line do look mesmerizing in the bottle, which is why I had to pick up two of them, and I might have to pick up the others, too <3

Trend it up 020 is indeed hard to describe. It is one of these nail polishes where the beautiful shimmer is very strong, kinda glassfleck-y and metallic, and it gives the polish a very unique glow. It is hard to say what the base colour is, I would say maybe a fuchsia shade with cool toned blue and green glassfleck shimmer. Depending on the light this nail polish can look mulichrome (shade), shimmer (daylight), up to metallic and blingbling glittery (direct sunlight), so, a real chameleon! I tried to capture all of the effects, but had a hard time doing that.

For the pictures below I used 3 coats. I guess you could get away with 2 thick coats, but I felt like there were some bald spots in certain lighting, and I don’t mind applying 3 coats. The dry time was good, but just to be sure I added one coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat. The wear is ok, but just like other glassfleck nail polishes you might experience tip wear already after one day.

One bottle of 11ml costs 2,45 EUR.

Trend it up 020 Trend it up 020 Trend it up 020 Trend it up 020

For swatches of 4 of the holo dimension nail polishes, I recommend you visit Hungrynails, she did a great job capturing the shimmer! :)

Overall I liked wearing this nail polish, it looks interesting and unique. But actually it was a little too foily and shiny for my taste, but that might just be a mood that I am currently in ;)
Did you spot the new line Trend it up yet?


Another first: Gradient experiment

Hey beauties,

today I would like to show you my first attempt on gradient nails, which didn’t turn out great but also not really bad. So maybe a few of you can learn from my mistakes!

There are actually three different techniques that I am aware of to achieve a gradient look on your nails. Probably the most famous one and the one I came across first is the sponging technique. Here you paint the colours of choice on a make-up sponge and gently pat it on your nails a few times, until you are satisfied with the look.

The second technique is the fan brush technique where you use a broad thin brush that looks like a fan to apply the colours of your choice to your nails. The third technique I am aware of is the eyeshadow-applicator technique.

For my first attempt I used the sponging technique on one finger (see picture below, on the left), and then decided to try the fan brush technique on my other fingers (picture below on the right). I will definitely try the eyeshadow-applicator technique next time, the only reason I didn’t try it yet is because I simply didn’t have a clean cheap applicator that I could use (you can usually only use them once for this nail art).

Gradient nail art Sponging vs. Fan Brush

All techniques have their pros and cons and I suggest you try them out and see for yourself. To get an idea about the three techniques I mentioned above, this video tutorial helped me a lot.

For my gradient look I used three different nail polishes. The lightest one is a pale purple called Cloud No. 9 by p2 (I’m holding the bottle on the pictures below). The other two colours are a hot pink and a dark purple, both no names from Color Club.
Now let me show you my humble results – on my ringfinger I tried sponging, all the other fingers received the fan brush treatment ;)

Gradient nail art

Gradient nail art

Gradient nail art Gradient nail art

As for the outcome, I there is definitely room for improvement for both techniques. Using the sponging technique I felt like I received a more even gradient effect, but I had a hard time placing the colours where I wanted them, always ending up with too much light colour on the tips or too much dark purple up on my nail. I think I have to wait longer between the different sponging layers and I have to make sure that one layer is dry before adding another one and then accidentally picking up the colour of the other layer.

As for the fan brush technique, I feel that the brush strokes are too visible. I kind of like the effect but it was not what I wanted to achieve. I also had a hard time reaching the cuticle corners/edges with the brush, so I definitely have to practice that.

And now, as a bonus, some beautiful flowers from the botanical garden in Cologne, next to which my gradient nails look much better (maybe also because they are not macro shots from my nails so you can’t see all the imperfect details):

Gradient nail art

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to hear your tips and tricks about gradient nails :)

My first Blobbicure

Today I would like to show you a very simple nail art, and trust me when I say simple because I myself am not very good with nail art! This kind of nail art is called “Blobbicure” and it is quite popular in the nail world recently. I honestly don’t know who had the idea first, but this supershort video on Instagram helped me a lot and inspired me.

I really liked the outcome but there are a few things I have to practice. I think almost any colour combination you can think of will work. In my opinion, Blobbicures with a dark base and lighter coloured blobs were the best-looking ones. But you can also use a light base and add some darker blobs on it of course. I also really dig very bright/neon kinds of blobs, they are a real eye-catcher!

I used A England Tristam as the base colour and the blobs were Color Club Pucci-licious and on my ring finger I added some Sally Hansen Ruby Diamond. I really like how using nail polishes with different finishes (holographic, creme) adds a twist to this nail art! See below the photos for instructions – I tried to explain how I did it, but feel free to ask any questions you might still have in the comment section!

A England Color Club Blobbicure

A England Color Club Blobbicure A England Color Club Blobbicure A England Color Club Blobbicure

Here is how I did it:

  1. First I used a protective basecoat against staining, because my base colour was a dark blue that might otherwise stain my nails. Then I waited a few minutes to let the base coat dry.
  2. Ater that I applied one coat of the base colour of my choice, which in this case is A England Tristam
  3. Let the first coat of base colour dry completely
  4. Prepare your workspace by opening the bottles of colours you wish to create “blobs” with as you will need them very quickly after step 5
  5. Apply a second coat of the base colour, this should be a rather thick coat
  6. Right after applying the second coat, take the colours of your choice that you want to make blobs with (Color Club Pucci-licious and Sally Hansen Ruby Diamond for me), take out the brush making sure that a decent amount of polish is on it (so that it almost forms a drip on the brush, but also not too much) and then carefully touch the surface of the wet polish on your nails and see how the blob spreads really fast. Place blobs wherever you want them.
  7. You will now have a lot of nail polish on your nails. Let everything dry for a long time, before using a top coat. Otherwise you might risk smudging.
  8. Enjoy your beautiful blobbicure!

I will definitely try blobbicures again very soon, this is easy and so much fun!

Have a great start into the new week!



Manhattan Bonnie Strange Collection: The Wow-Show! (006)

Hey beauties!

I survived the heat wave that invaded Europe last week! Phew… And now the weather decided to be very cool, which I like, and which made me crave for a darker colour. Actually, I wanted to show this colour for “Lacke in Farbe und bunt” when the colour of the week was Aubergine but I simply couldn’t fit that anywhere in my schedule. But I had already picked out the bottle and there it was, lonely on my desk, so I decided to put it out of its misery and put it on my nails anyways. And I must say, I didn’t regret it! Also, I recently found out about another blog challenge by Ina and Penguin Lacquer, and the theme is “Schwarz ist nicht gleich schwarz” (“SINGS”) which basically encourages you to show dark colours that aren’t really “only” black.

The Wow-Show (006) is a nail polish from the limited Bonnie Strange Collection by Manhattan that came out back in September 2013. I really liked this collection when it came out, some of the colours were really unique and the quality is also great! The Wow-Show can be described as a very dark aubergine/purple base filled with iridecent gold to orange to green glassfleck glitter particles. So pretty!

The application was good, only two coats were needed for opacity. This colour does not dry super-shiny because of the glitter it contains, so you might want to add a topcoat for ultimate shine. I used one coat of Seche Vite on top. I wore this for 2 days but it could easily have stayed on, so the wear is good!

I really love this colour and the glitter that really shines in the sun. It might look a little dark at times (someone thought i had painted my nails black) but if you love dark colours with a twist, then you will love this one as much as I do!

Manhattan - The Wow-Show 006 Manhattan - The Wow-Show 006

Manhattan - The Wow-Show 006 Manhattan - The Wow-Show 006

Since this colour is from an old Limited Edition, you will not find it in the stores anymore. But here and there you might be able to score it on a blogsale or at second-hand communities like Kleiderkreisel.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy weekend <3


Rdl Mint, Myself and I plus ILNP Paradox

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was good, went to see the opening of the “Sommer Köln” Festival yesterday which was pretty impressive. I hope that the weather will finally be like summer next week though, to me it still feels a bit chilly for the end of June!

Anyway! What I have for you today is a beautiful mint-y nail polish from the German drugstore brand RdL (Rival de Loop) called Mint, Myself and I and on top one coat of the ultrachrome flakie polish Paradox from ILNP.

RdL Mint, Myself and I is a beautiful light mint-green with tiny shimmer flakes. This polish is from a limited edition collection (August 2014) with nail polishes that are supposed to have a gel-like finish. The shimmer is almost invisible on the nail. I used 2 coats for the pictures below, but only because I knew I was going to put a topper on it. You can see that I still have a visible nail line (pinky), so for full opacity I recommend 3 coats at least. The polish dries nice and shiny, really kind of like a “gel-finish”. The pictures without the topper are actually also without top coat so you can see how shiny the finish is.

ILNP Paradoxal consists of ultrachrome flakies that shift colour between teal, blue, violet, pink and fuchsia, in a clear base. Layering it over a pastel base is something I saw a lot on Instagram recently, and I loved how it makes these ultrachrome flakies look totally different.

I don’t know whether it was the combination of the two or one of them especially, but I wore this combo for 5 days without any tip wear or chipping! This is a record for me I think, usually any nail polish starts chipping on my left index finger after 3 days max. So I was very surprised and will keep this combo in mind for a holiday trip or something, where you want to wear something that lasts a long time without looking worn or chipped.

Rdl Mint, Myself and I Rdl Mint, Myself and I

Rdl Mint, Myself and I plus ILNP Paradox Rdl Mint, Myself and I plus ILNP Paradox

Do you like this combination of a lighter base with ultrachrome flakies on top? I loved it and will do it again soon – maybe with a pale lavender base :)

Have a great start into the new week, and enjoy the sun!

ILNP – Cygnus Loop (H)

Hi all!

Today I have another beautiful ILNP nail polish for you – the holograhic version (H) of Cygnus Loop. Outside of the nail polish world, “Cygnus Loop” is actually the name of the most beautiful supernove remnant that looks like a dazzling blob of several colours. Now, isn’t that a great name for this beautiful nail polish then?! :)

We have here another (ultra-) multichrome nail polish that has a holographic finish. It has a purple base that changes into pink, dark purple, blue or rusty orange depending on the lighting. Additionally, it has a holographic finish, so you know what that means when the sunlight hits it… multichrome and holographic beauty all in one!

I’m really in love with Cygnus Loop (H), and I got a lot of compliments for it! It was opaque after two coats, application was good, and I wore it 2 days until I had some minor tip wear. I wore it with a coat of Seche Vite on top. Now to the pictures!

ILNP - Cygnus Loop (H)  ILNP - Cygnus Loop (H) ILNP - Cygnus Loop (H) ILNP - Cygnus Loop (H)

ILNP - Cygnus Loop (H)

If you are in Germany like me, you have a couple of options to purchase ILNP. I bought mine from NailLand, where Masquerade (H) is 12,30€ a bottle. Shipping is free for orders >75€ (if under 2kg, otherwise >100€) and there are no customs problems. You can also purchase ILNP on their own website or at Hypnoticpolish though.

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day!