My first Blobbicure

Today I would like to show you a very simple nail art, and trust me when I say simple because I myself am not very good with nail art! This kind of nail art is called “Blobbicure” and it is quite popular in the nail world recently. I honestly don’t know who had the idea first, but this supershort video on Instagram helped me a lot and inspired me.

I really liked the outcome but there are a few things I have to practice. I think almost any colour combination you can think of will work. In my opinion, Blobbicures with a dark base and lighter coloured blobs were the best-looking ones. But you can also use a light base and add some darker blobs on it of course. I also really dig very bright/neon kinds of blobs, they are a real eye-catcher!

I used A England Tristam as the base colour and the blobs were Color Club Pucci-licious and on my ring finger I added some Sally Hansen Ruby Diamond. I really like how using nail polishes with different finishes (holographic, creme) adds a twist to this nail art! See below the photos for instructions – I tried to explain how I did it, but feel free to ask any questions you might still have in the comment section!

A England Color Club Blobbicure

A England Color Club Blobbicure A England Color Club Blobbicure A England Color Club Blobbicure

Here is how I did it:

  1. First I used a protective basecoat against staining, because my base colour was a dark blue that might otherwise stain my nails. Then I waited a few minutes to let the base coat dry.
  2. Ater that I applied one coat of the base colour of my choice, which in this case is A England Tristam
  3. Let the first coat of base colour dry completely
  4. Prepare your workspace by opening the bottles of colours you wish to create “blobs” with as you will need them very quickly after step 5
  5. Apply a second coat of the base colour, this should be a rather thick coat
  6. Right after applying the second coat, take the colours of your choice that you want to make blobs with (Color Club Pucci-licious and Sally Hansen Ruby Diamond for me), take out the brush making sure that a decent amount of polish is on it (so that it almost forms a drip on the brush, but also not too much) and then carefully touch the surface of the wet polish on your nails and see how the blob spreads really fast. Place blobs wherever you want them.
  7. You will now have a lot of nail polish on your nails. Let everything dry for a long time, before using a top coat. Otherwise you might risk smudging.
  8. Enjoy your beautiful blobbicure!

I will definitely try blobbicures again very soon, this is easy and so much fun!

Have a great start into the new week!



Manhattan Bonnie Strange Collection: The Wow-Show! (006)

Hey beauties!

I survived the heat wave that invaded Europe last week! Phew… And now the weather decided to be very cool, which I like, and which made me crave for a darker colour. Actually, I wanted to show this colour for “Lacke in Farbe und bunt” when the colour of the week was Aubergine but I simply couldn’t fit that anywhere in my schedule. But I had already picked out the bottle and there it was, lonely on my desk, so I decided to put it out of its misery and put it on my nails anyways. And I must say, I didn’t regret it! Also, I recently found out about another blog challenge by Ina and Penguin Lacquer, and the theme is “Schwarz ist nicht gleich schwarz” (“SINGS”) which basically encourages you to show dark colours that aren’t really “only” black.

The Wow-Show (006) is a nail polish from the limited Bonnie Strange Collection by Manhattan that came out back in September 2013. I really liked this collection when it came out, some of the colours were really unique and the quality is also great! The Wow-Show can be described as a very dark aubergine/purple base filled with iridecent gold to orange to green glassfleck glitter particles. So pretty!

The application was good, only two coats were needed for opacity. This colour does not dry super-shiny because of the glitter it contains, so you might want to add a topcoat for ultimate shine. I used one coat of Seche Vite on top. I wore this for 2 days but it could easily have stayed on, so the wear is good!

I really love this colour and the glitter that really shines in the sun. It might look a little dark at times (someone thought i had painted my nails black) but if you love dark colours with a twist, then you will love this one as much as I do!

Manhattan - The Wow-Show 006 Manhattan - The Wow-Show 006

Manhattan - The Wow-Show 006 Manhattan - The Wow-Show 006

Since this colour is from an old Limited Edition, you will not find it in the stores anymore. But here and there you might be able to score it on a blogsale or at second-hand communities like Kleiderkreisel.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy weekend <3


Rdl Mint, Myself and I plus ILNP Paradox

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was good, went to see the opening of the “Sommer Köln” Festival yesterday which was pretty impressive. I hope that the weather will finally be like summer next week though, to me it still feels a bit chilly for the end of June!

Anyway! What I have for you today is a beautiful mint-y nail polish from the German drugstore brand RdL (Rival de Loop) called Mint, Myself and I and on top one coat of the ultrachrome flakie polish Paradox from ILNP.

RdL Mint, Myself and I is a beautiful light mint-green with tiny shimmer flakes. This polish is from a limited edition collection (August 2014) with nail polishes that are supposed to have a gel-like finish. The shimmer is almost invisible on the nail. I used 2 coats for the pictures below, but only because I knew I was going to put a topper on it. You can see that I still have a visible nail line (pinky), so for full opacity I recommend 3 coats at least. The polish dries nice and shiny, really kind of like a “gel-finish”. The pictures without the topper are actually also without top coat so you can see how shiny the finish is.

ILNP Paradoxal consists of ultrachrome flakies that shift colour between teal, blue, violet, pink and fuchsia, in a clear base. Layering it over a pastel base is something I saw a lot on Instagram recently, and I loved how it makes these ultrachrome flakies look totally different.

I don’t know whether it was the combination of the two or one of them especially, but I wore this combo for 5 days without any tip wear or chipping! This is a record for me I think, usually any nail polish starts chipping on my left index finger after 3 days max. So I was very surprised and will keep this combo in mind for a holiday trip or something, where you want to wear something that lasts a long time without looking worn or chipped.

Rdl Mint, Myself and I Rdl Mint, Myself and I

Rdl Mint, Myself and I plus ILNP Paradox Rdl Mint, Myself and I plus ILNP Paradox

Do you like this combination of a lighter base with ultrachrome flakies on top? I loved it and will do it again soon – maybe with a pale lavender base :)

Have a great start into the new week, and enjoy the sun!

ILNP – Cygnus Loop (H)

Hi all!

Today I have another beautiful ILNP nail polish for you – the holograhic version (H) of Cygnus Loop. Outside of the nail polish world, “Cygnus Loop” is actually the name of the most beautiful supernove remnant that looks like a dazzling blob of several colours. Now, isn’t that a great name for this beautiful nail polish then?! :)

We have here another (ultra-) multichrome nail polish that has a holographic finish. It has a purple base that changes into pink, dark purple, blue or rusty orange depending on the lighting. Additionally, it has a holographic finish, so you know what that means when the sunlight hits it… multichrome and holographic beauty all in one!

I’m really in love with Cygnus Loop (H), and I got a lot of compliments for it! It was opaque after two coats, application was good, and I wore it 2 days until I had some minor tip wear. I wore it with a coat of Seche Vite on top. Now to the pictures!

ILNP - Cygnus Loop (H)  ILNP - Cygnus Loop (H) ILNP - Cygnus Loop (H) ILNP - Cygnus Loop (H)

ILNP - Cygnus Loop (H)

If you are in Germany like me, you have a couple of options to purchase ILNP. I bought mine from NailLand, where Masquerade (H) is 12,30€ a bottle. Shipping is free for orders >75€ (if under 2kg, otherwise >100€) and there are no customs problems. You can also purchase ILNP on their own website or at Hypnoticpolish though.

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day!

OPI – My Paprika is hotter than yours (Lacke in Farbe… und bunt!)

Hey beauties!

I have been wanting to participate in this blog challenge called Lacke in Farbe… und bunt! (trust me, a translation doesn’t make sense, it would take forever to explain this!) for a while now. Basically, the girls announce a colour each Wednesday, and you have one week to post a manicure with exactely that colour. The result is a beautiful and very colourful collection of manicure pictures that has become quite big lately! You should definitely go check it out on Lena’s Blog (extremely picture-heavy!).

So, I wanted to participate last week when the colour was silver. I tried a manicure with China Glaze I’d melt for you which according to the nail world is like the most amazing silver chrome nail polish out there. Well, I hated the outcome so much that I couldn’t post it. But this week the colour is light red, and I have just the colour for that!

I picked OPI My Paprika is hotter than yours from the Euro Centrale Collection. I recently got this from a polish exchange package and instantly fell in love with the signal red colour that seems to contain the finest silver shimmer particles. It is almost a one-coater but I did two coats anyways. I had some bubbles that I managed to even out with one coat of Sech Vite. The wear was good – you know me, I take off my nail polish after 3 days max, and this one was still looking good then!

First you see two pictures in the shade, then two in the sun. The ones in the sun show the microshimmer a little bit. I must say that in real life, the shimmer is even harder to see. It looks like a solid shiny creme most of the time.

OPI My Paprika is hotter than yours OPI My Paprika is hotter than yours OPI My Paprika is hotter than yours OPI My Paprika is hotter than yours

I am so proud that I actually managed to participate in a blog challenge. This one is a very flexible one, you can hop on and off anytime, or just show the colours you like. I will definitely do more of that in the future, maybe even some nail art challenges. I think it can be very helpful when you are lost in your stash and have no clue what to wear/show on your blog next! If you have any suggestions for other nail polish challenges, let me know!

Do you like blog challenges? Or do you prefer the freedom to blog about whatever comes to your mind?

SpaRitual – Flamenco

Hey beauties!

This weekend I had time to swatch the last one from my three SpaRitual nail polishes that I picked up at a TK Maxx store in Cologne. This one is called Flamenco and it is from an older collection known as the Dance collection from SpaRitual.

This is in some sense a premiere because this is the first sand/sugar/textured finish nail polish that I’m showing on my blog. I have a few nail polishes with this finish by now, but none of them ever made it on my blog. I can already tell you that this will change now though, because I just fell in love with this finish (I know, I’m late with this)! One reason is probably that it seems to be quite easy to capture in photos. When I photographed this one, every photo was a winner!

When I bought this I had no idea I was actually buying a textured finish nail polish. Most brands write this on their bottles, and I think this would be fair, since otherwise there is no way for you to see from the bottle that this will not dry shiny on your nails. On the other hand – if it had said textured finish on the bottle, I’m not sure whether I’d have bought it at all, and then I would have missed out on this beauty!

The wear was ok, this time I applied a base coat (not the one that SpaRitual recommends though) and I think this really helps with SpaRitual nail polishes. After 2 days I had a little bit of chipping, which is ok for a textured polish I would say. Removal was a little more annoying than usual, but not terrible.

The colour can be described as a reddish-pink base with yellow-golden bling-shimmer and, of course, a textured matte finish. The finish and the shimmer are fascinating to look at. And when the sun hits this nail polish, even though it is matte, it sparkles like crazy. Very nice! The first few pictures show the polish without top coat in the shade and sun, the last two pictures show it with one coat of Seche Vite, which didn’t make the finish all smooth but a little more shiny.

SpaRitual Flamenco

SpaRitual Flamenco

In the sun:

SpaRitual Flamenco SpaRitual Flamenco

With SV top coat, shade and sun:

SpaRitual Flamenco SpaRitual Flamenco

Superbling! Out of all three SpaRitual shades that I bought, this one is my favourite. I will wear it again soon! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this one on the german SpaRitual website, so I can’t tell you how to get it if you like it :( You might still be lucky at TK MAxx though, at least that is where I found it!

Are you also fascinated by textured nail polishes? Or aren’t they for you?

ILNP – Masquerade (H)

Hey Beauties,

a few years back I thought that holographic nail polish was the prettiest thing in the world. And, that there could be no other nail polish finish even prettier. Oh, how little did I know about the future of nail polish and indie brands, that would bestow the most mesmerizing nail polishes upon us. I mean, nothing is wrong with a good and strong holographic nail polish, but if you can have a multichrome, shimmering, AND holographic nail polish all in one, who could say no to that? ILNP Masquerade (H) is such a nail polish. The indie brand ILNP (=I Love Nail Polish) created this amongst many other beautiful shades that are multichrome and holographic at the same time. If you prefer multichrome nail polishes without a holographic finish, you you can find them at ILNP as well, under the same name but then without the little (H) behind it which stands for holograhic.

Masquerade (H) is an ultrachrome nail polish with a very strong colourshift from pink through violet, to copper, gold and green. Yep, that’s right, there are at least 5 colours in there that I saw when wearing it ;) This is already amazing, but then this Ultrachrome also has a holographic finish! And this is just soo so beautiful – the holo effect is very strong and very fine-grained, just the way I like it. The application was okay. During the first coat I really thought that I would never be able to get this to look good on my nails. The second coat was much better then, but I was still concerned about the visible brush strokes and some dragging. But somehow, my Seche Vite Top Coat evened all this out and I really like the outcome, even though a third coat wouldn’t hurt. But you can definitely get away with 2 carefully applied coats. I wore Masquerade (H) for 3 days before I took it off – no chipping or tip wear, very nice!

I usually have a hard time capturing holo in my pictures, but Masquerade (H) made it easy for me, and every picture I took was a hit! But first some pictures of the colour shift in the shadow:

ILNP - Masquerade (H)

ILNP - Masquerade (H) ILNP - Masquerade (H)

ILNP - Masquerade (H)

Sorry for the pollen on my ring finger :D

ILNP - Masquerade (H) ILNP - Masquerade (H) ILNP - Masquerade (H)

If you are in Germany like me, you have a couple of options to purchase ILNP. I bought mine from NailLand, where Masquerade (H) is 12,30€ a bottle. Shipping is free for orders >75€ and there are no customs problems. You can also purchase ILNP on their own website or at Hypnoticpolish though.

Special thanks goes to the sun, which decided to show up this weekend and made Masquerade (H) look even more pretty and sparkly! Let’s hope that the sun will stay for a while now :)

Have a good week everyone! Thanks for stopping by!