Enchanted Polish August 2014

Hi beauties!

I still owe you the third Enchanted Polish from the August/September/October 2014 trio and that’s why I thought it would be about time to show you this *ahem*

I really loved this when I wore it, I read that lots of people were disappointed with it because it wasn’t a holo. I think it is a very nifty multichrome and very unique! Also, it is quite hard to find an adequate description for the colour – I see this as a blackened or at least darkened teal blue that shifts to royal blue and purple. There are some mini-glassflecks visible on the nail. Application was good and opaque after two coats.

I recommend a base coat as this is definitely a colour that can stain, which can be attributed to the strong blue pigment (for me, all blue nail polishes stain). Dry time was very good. I wore this for two days, then I couldn’t stand the tip wear, which can show very quickly for a dark colour like this. Now let’s look at some swatches (two coats and Seche Vite on top)!

Enchanted Polish August 2014

Enchanted Polish August 2014

Enchanted Polish August 2014Enchanted Polish August 2014

Will you be ordering the next mystery polishes from Enchanted Polish?
If you are interested in what the other two colours of the trio look like, here are links to September 2014, a beautiful fuchsia holo and October 2014, a very unique blackened olive holo.

BAM! Catherine nail polish by Natascha Ochsenknecht

Hi beauties!

Today I would like to show you a very colourful nail polish collection from the brand Catherine, and the colours were designed by Natascha Ochsenknecht! Since you my readers are pretty much from all over the world and might not know her: Natascha is a german celebrity and her signature are colourful clothes and make-up.

Catherine Natascha Ochsenknecht collection

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Qlour Klimt Gold – swatch and review

Today is a premiere! Why you ask? Because I have never shown a golden / yellow toned nail polish on my blog! I’m not sure why, it is probably because I think these colours don’t go very well with my skintone. I am still convinced of this but I’m really glad that I at least tried – with Qlour “Klimt Gold”. This colour is part of the Klimt collection, which is inspired by a painting from Gustav Klimt called Adele Bloch-Bauer I (see below). As you can see, all of the colours of the collection can be found somewhere in the painting. I really love this idea! There should be more collections like this.

Qlour Klimt Kollektion

There are two different gold shades in this collection, “Klimt Gold” (middle right) and “Klimt Gold Shadow” (middle left). I would like to show you “Klimt Gold”, the lighter one of the two, today. If you are wondering what the darker shade “Klimt Gold Shadow” looks like, you can check out the beautiful swatches over at Marzipany’s Blog.
“Klimt Gold” is a typical golden nail polish with a glass-flecky finish. I like this finish a lot because it is easy to work with. Not like foily golden nail polishes that emphasize every little bump on your nail! This colour is a warm yellow-toned gold. This nail polish was easy to apply with a pleasant texture, not too runny and not too thick. It was opaque in two coats and the dry time was nice. I had slight tip wear after a day, which is a little disappointing but very common with glassfleck polishes. The pictures show “Klimt Gold”, two coats plus Seche Vite, in the sun and in the shade.

Qlour Klimt Gold Qlour Klimt Gold Qlour Klimt Gold

I still feel that gold makes my skin look red and blotchy. But apart from that I enjoyed wearing a golden nail polish for a change.

And I’ve saved the best for last: Since Qlour is a brand from Cologne, a city known for its crazy love for Karneval, the brand has a special Karneval offer until Feb. 18th, 2015! There is a discount on everything in their shop!

Thanks for stopping by!
P.S.: Have you seen my previous postings about Qlour “Romantic Grey” and “Graffiti Pink“?

Qlour Romantic Grey – swatch and review

Today I would like to show you another one of the new Qlour nail polishes, this time from the Romantic collection: Romantic Grey (on the far right on the press picture below):

Qlour Romantic

This collection from Qlour could also be called the “Nude” collection and I think that every nail polish brand needs a nude collection! All of these colours look work-appropriate to me. “Romantic Grey” is a muted dusty greyish lilac shade. It is another creme shade with a hint of blue and pink microshimmer (see bottleshot below).

Qlour Romantic Grey bottle

The consistency of this polish was a little on the thick side, making it a little hard to apply, but no major issues. I had some bubbles too but they could be fixed with some Top Coat. The polish was opaque after two coats. Drying time was great. For the pictures below I used two coats plus Seche Vite. The first picture in the shade with natural lighting is the most colour accurate one.

Qlour Romantic Grey

When the sun hits the nail polish, the microshimmer is visible on the nail and gives the polish depth and opacity.

Qlour Romantic Grey 1

Qlour Romantic Grey 4

I like this colour and as you might know I’m a huge fan of microshimmer, so that’s a plus. This colour is work-appropriate and pleasantly calm. However, it is not very unique and didn’t have quite the wow-effect on me, but that is probably because I already own so many muted purples!

One bottle of 11ml Qlour nail polish costs 6,95 EUR. The price is reasonable for a new and independent nail polish brand that claims to be (mostly) vegan and 100% formaldehyde- and toluol-free. The dry time, opacity and wear of the polishes I tested so far are really good.

Stay tuned for more swatches of Qlour nail polishes or visit Mary Sto or Greedy Nails for swatches of other colours by this new brand! Also, check out my previous post about Qlour Graffiti Pink!

Pssst: The coupon code #Colorstory2014 gives you a 10% discount in the Qlour Online shop until the end of January 2015!

QLOUR nail polish from Cologne, Germany – Graffiti Pink swatch and review

Happy New Year!

Time flies, doesn’t it? Now it is already 2015, and a few days ago I still looked forward to the Christmas holidays. I hope all of you had a great Christmas time and a great NYE, celebrating the old and especially the new year. My New Year’s resolutions are simple this year because I figured this would make it easier to achieve them: 1. Set up a blog for my dad (he is an artist), 2. Track our expenses to find out how much we really spend each month and to be able to estimate what kind of flat we can afford 3. blog blog blog :D

So my first posting in 2015 will be about a new nail polish brand from Cologne, the city I live in and love. The brand is called Qlour and I first came across it via a link in a Facebook nail polish group. Believe it or not, two men from Cologne are the brains behind these nail polishes, and I am fascinated by the ideas and inspirations behind their collections. There is, for example, a Klimt collection that is inspired by the famous painter Gustav Klimt or more precisely by one of his paintings, “Adele Bloch-Bauer I”, which is packed with golden and brown nuances as well as a beautiful blue and red. Then there is a tattoo collection called “Tattoo Tones”, a nude collection called “Romantic”, a nail polish that is inspired by the colour of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the so-called “Graffiti Brights” collection. The nail polish I would like to show you today is from this Graffiti Brights collection and is called “Graffiti Pink”.

Qlour Graffiti Brights Collection

When I first browsed their website I noticed that there were no real bottle shots or swatches shown, just pictures like the one above, the kind that we usually know from press releases – those colours can be totally different from the actual product on the nail. When I googled for swatches I obviously also couldn’t find anything as their shop had just been launched. I wanted to order a couple of nail polishes from their website with a coupon code, but I had some technical problems so I decided to write them an email. After getting in touch with them I was very lucky to receive a few of their nail polishes for review.

So now to “Grafitti Pink” – a beautiful strong neon pink with a hint of cool-toned shimmer (see bottle shot).

Qlour Grafitti Pink 1

Application was easy and smooth and I used two coats plus Seche Vite for the pictures below. I like the brush and the consistency of the polish – no dragging, no dripping, it was really easy to paint my nails with a satisfying outcome. This colour dried surprisingly quick and also very shiny on its own. I’m in love! The first picture shows the polish in the shade (this one is the most colour-accurate one).

Qlour Grafitti Pink 2

The shimmer is hardly visible on the nail but it gives the colour even more vibrancy. When the sun hits the nail the shimmer is indeed visible in certain angles. The next two pictures show the nail polish in the evening sun and are therefore not very colour-accurate but at least show a hint of the shimmer that is hidden in there. Qlour Grafitti Pink 5 Qlour Grafitti Pink 4

I really like this colour! I wore it for 3 days without chipping which is a lot for me, so I am also satisfied with the wear. All in all, for 6,95 EUR a bottle, you get a vibrant and unique nail polish colour that has a good quality when it comes to application, dry time, and wear. Also, these polishes are 100% formaldehyde- and toluol-free and “most of them” (quote from their website) are vegan and produced without animal testing.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming collections that Qlour have planned. I heard that they might be designing more colours that are inspired by sights like the Golden Gate Bridge. So – maybe we will get a Eiffel-Tower steel grey or a Statue of Liberty light green/blue?

Stay tuned for more swatches of Qlour nail polishes or visit Mary Sto or Greedy Nails for swatches of other colours by this new brand!

Pssst: The coupon code #Colorstory2014 gives you a 10% discount in their online shop until the end of January 2015!

Enchanted Polish October 2014

Hi beauties!

Today -finally- I found time to blog about Enchanted Polish “October 2014″. It was very challenging to photograph this beauty with not so much sun, but I hope you will be able to discern the elegancy of this polish. I applied two coats plus one coat of Seche Vite, the application was easy and nice and my manicure lasted three days without chipping.

The colour is amazing. I would describe it as a black base with olive to gold to green shimmer, in combination with a fine-grained holographic effect. I love it! And I’m really sad to have missed the last trio that EP released, especially the Holiday colour! It looks so amazing and I can’t wait to see swatches of it from you guys! So please let me know if you have swatched it and the other two mystery colours (November and December). I will make sure not to miss the next EP restock, as these polishes are so unique and elegant! If you like October 2014, it is still possible to score it on ebay or on blog sales etc. A lot of people don’t like it – probably because it looks too dark or because it is not the normal boring pink/rose/red colour that everyone loves.

And now, without further ado, please enjoy some pic-spam in the sun, in the shade, and in artificial light!

Enchanted Polish October 2014

Enchanted Polish October 2014

Enchanted Polish October 2014

Enchanted Polish October 2014

Enchanted Polish October 2014

Enchanted Polish September 2014

Hi all!

Yesterday, my first ever order from Enchanted Polish arrived! I had ordered all 3 Mystery Polishes of the August, September and October 2014 set. When you order these mystery monthly polishes, you have no clue what colour or finish they will be (but in the past, most of them were gorgeous holos). You can only order them officially during the pre-order which usually goes on for about 1 hour. I ordered all 3 because I had absolutely no doubt they would be very beautiful. When I received my shipping notice I started googling for them and already found some first bottle shots. I immediatly fell in love with all of them. Once the community started finding out about the colours, it was very obvious that September out of the 3 would be the most loved one. I can understand that because it is such a beautiful pink/fuchsia holo that also contains glassfleck shimmer. But I also love the gorgeous blue/purple shifting August and the very gorgeous and unique dark olive green holo with gold shimmer October – I’ll show those to you soon.

So, back to the star of the trio: There is so much going on in Septemeber 2014: There is not only holo but also this glass-flecked structure, that makes the polish on the nail sometimes even look like a metallic pink! Then when the sun hits it, it releases all of its rainbow holo power. Absolutely stunning and not easy to capture. Apart from that, the colour is almost opaque after the first coat, so the first two pictures I’m showing is actually one coat, and no top coat:

Enchanted Polish September 2014 Enchanted Polish September 2014

Since you can still slightly see the nail line, I added another coat plus Seche Vite Top Coat, and this is what it looks like now, with two coats:

Enchanted Polish September 2014 Enchanted Polish September 2014Enchanted Polish September 2014Enchanted Polish September 2014Enchanted Polish September 2014

Thank god there was still some sun outside (in November!). I hope you enjoyed these swatches – stay tuned for August and October 2014!
By the way – the next mystery polish pre-order will be this Sunday, November 16th @ 12pm PST here. You can preorder November and December 2014 as mystery polishes, as well as a Holiday polish which will be revealed on the Instagram of Enchanted Polish soon!