Femme Fatale – Clever Girl (Thermal Polish)

Hey beauties!

Autumn is here, and one of the nice side effects is that the effect of thermal nail polishes will be more visible due to the colder surrounding air temperature (at least if you manage to have warm hands haha). My first ever Femme Fatale nail polish (and certainly not my last) is this beautiful thermal polish called Clever Girl. When it is cold, it shows as a pinky-red base with golden shimmer and gold+holo glitters, and when your hands get warm it changes into a beautiful clear-golden base with gold shimmer and the same sparkles. It’s magic! Of course, the effect will get better the longer your nails are.

I wore Clever Girl in two coats plus one coat of Seche Vite TC. The wear was normal, I’d say about 2-3 days. Removal can be tricky because of the glitters, I recommend either using a Peeloff-Base or removing the polish with the foil method.

The first two pictures show the cold version

Femme Fatale - Clever Girl // headtofoot.wordpress.com

Femme Fatale - Clever Girl // headtofoot.wordpress.com

The next picture shows the “transition” – this is what Clever Girl looks like a lot when I wear it:

Femme Fatale - Clever Girl // headtofoot.wordpress.com

Here is a comparison of cold version on my index and middle finger, and warm version on my ring and pinkie finger:

Femme Fatale - Clever Girl // headtofoot.wordpress.com

Love the gradient effect (see below)

Femme Fatale - Clever Girl // headtofoot.wordpress.com

And the last picture shows what it looks like when your hands are very warm and the surrounding temperature is pretty cold: A very cool look with the red tips!

Femme Fatale - Clever Girl // headtofoot.wordpress.com

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoyed my post! Do you like thermal polishes?

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Illyrian Polish – Gold Lion

Hi beauties!

We had some sun this weekend! That means I was able to take decent photos of my recent manicure: I wore Illyrian Polish Gold Lion and before going into details: I am obsessed with this polish!!

My first encounter with Illyrian Polish was okay but formula-wise not really a moment to remember (Bioluminescent Review). I had ordered two more colours, one of which was Gold Lion, and I am so happy I did! It has been out of stock for a while everywhere, but I finally got hold of a bottle, and it is really really pretty. It is a very cool dark grey base with beautiful warm golden shimmer particles. Love it.

Also, Gold Lion is not camera shy. The shimmer is so so obvious and in your face – and every single picture I took of this polish looked great. Seriously, this almost never happens! I didn’t have to search for the right angle or lighting to make the shimmer pop, it is just sitting right there, waiting to be drooled over!

The application was okay, not great, a little thick, but managable. For me, I felt like using more polish than usual made it easier and the second coat made everything come together and look nice and opaque. The polish dries a little bit dull, so adding a top coat is a must if you are aiming to achieve the shiny look from the pictures below. I wore this for one and a half days before it started chipping.

Illyrian Polish - Gold Lion // headtofoot.wordpress.com Illyrian Polish - Gold Lion // headtofoot.wordpress.com Illyrian Polish - Gold Lion // headtofoot.wordpress.com Illyrian Polish - Gold Lion // headtofoot.wordpress.com

Illyrian Polish - Gold Lion // headtofoot.wordpress.com

Ohhh this golden shimmmaaaa! Illyrian Polish just knows how to make shimmer polishes.

Have a good start into the week everyone!

L.O.V. – No. 250 Deep-Red Drama Long Lasting Nail Lacquer Swatches and Review

PR sample

Hi beauties!

L.O.V. is a new brand that entered the beauty market at the end of August this year. The brand focusses on decorative cosmetics and belongs to Cosnova, which also hosts brands like Essence or Catrice. Their marketing, photos, products and prices seem to aim at a different target group than Essence and Catrice though. The products seem to be a higher quality, while they are also slightly more expensive, possibly targeting women in their 30s and up. For example, the nail polish I’m reviewing today contains 11 ml and costs 5,99 EUR.

The bottle of this nail polish is different from anything I’ve seen, quite unique and high quality. You can remove the cap in a similar way as the Chanel bottles, leaving you with a brush that is easy to handle. I had a hard time holding on to the bottle for photos, it is something probably a lot of nail bloggers will struggle with πŸ˜‰ I just couldn’t find a position that looked good for both my nails and the bottle. The brush itself is pretty wide, I prefer thinner ones to be able to apply the polish more precisely.

Deep Red Drama is a very dark warm brown creme with red undertones. On my nails, it didn’t show up red at all which was a little disappointing. It looked like a really dark brown, sometimes like black. If you are looking for a vampy dark red polish, I’d recommend checking out another shade in their range called Mahagony Mystery.

Deep Red Drama needs two coats to be opaque, the application was ok, you have to be careful with dragging, bald spots can show with a dark polish like this. It dries very very shiny on its own which impressed me a lot but couldn’t keep me from using my fast drying top coat from HK Girl. The wear was ok, not much tipwear but chipping after two days. Removal was easy, no staining which is great for a dark polish like this.

L.O.V. Deep-Red drama L.O.V. Deep-Red drama

L.O.V. Deep-Red drama // headtofoot.wordpress.com L.O.V. Deep-Red drama // headtofoot.wordpress.com L.O.V. Deep-Red drama // headtofoot.wordpress.com L.O.V. Deep-Red drama // headtofoot.wordpress.com L.O.V. Deep-Red drama // headtofoot.wordpress.com

So far, L.O.V. is available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and is sold in selected drugstores by Rossmann, MΓΌller and Budni as well as some Douglas perfumeries. Also, their products are available online from Douglas and their own webshop, which is currently only shipping to Germany.

I like the look, feel and performance of this nail polish. Sadly, the colour is not really my thing which is why I can’t say whether I’m going to wear this one again! But I’ll definitely keep an eye out for other shades!

Thank you Rossmann for sending this to me! I hope that you will soon bring L.O.V. to one of your stores in Cologne πŸ™‚

Stay tuned for more products from L.O.V.!