Yves Saint Laurent – 70 Peace Green

Hi beauties!

I finally found YSL Peace Green in the city today!! I’ve been wanting this colour since I first saw swatches on Instagram – this pastel green in combination with the iridescent pink shimmer is perfection! First I ordered it at parfumdreams.de but they have been unable to ship it for over a month now so I think YSL ran low on stock and wasn’t able to deliver it to Parfumdreams. They still think they will be able to ship it by the end of February, but honestly, I couldn’t resist anymore when I saw it at a counter in the city today (Kaufhof, Cologne).

Peace Green is one of two limited edition nail polish shades of the YSL spring collection, the other one is a very pretty pastel pink with iridescent shimmer – but my wallet said no and would only let me buy one of them (one bottle retails for about 25 €).

Application of Peace Green was okay, a little runny and the brush is wide and flat, which for me is not ideal. If you are interested in what the application looks like, just check out this brief video I uploaded on YouTube.

Even though Peace Green seems pretty sheer at first, two carefully applied coats were enough to achieve the coverage you see on the pictures below. One coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat made the shimmer pop even more. And that shimmer – you guys! It is not one of these shy shimmers that hides all the time and where you need that perfect lighting to make it pop. This shimmer shows up in most lighting conditions, even without direct sunlight, it’s almost always there! I love it!

YSL Peace Green //headtofoot.wordpress.com YSL Peace Green //headtofoot.wordpress.com YSL Peace Green //headtofoot.wordpress.com YSL Peace Green //headtofoot.wordpress.com YSL Peace Green //headtofoot.wordpress.com YSL Peace Green //headtofoot.wordpress.com

I am not aware of any dupes to this beauty, but you can achieve a similar look with a base colour and a rose-shimmery top coat like on this blog. Is this satisfying? Not really…

UPDATE: In the meantime I made a little comparison with other nail polishes. Check it out here!

I can’t wait for spring to be finally here! Happy Sunday everyone!


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