My (glitter) polishes from Cirque Colors: Electric Circus and Kaleidoscope

Hi everyone!

There is this awesome challenge called #wirlackieren for which Marzipany and Tinesuchtnachmehr announce one (or sometimes two) brands per month that everyone in the nail community will obsessively paint their nails with 😀 Everyone tries to show as many polishes of that given brand as possible within that month.

The brands in February are Cirque Colors and Cadillaquer. Unfortunately, I don’t own any polishes from Cadillaquer. But at least I have two (!) polishes from Cirque Colors that I can show you! Yay!

I bought these back in the day (2014), when a good glitter polish was hard to come by and when neon and matte glitters were the new thing in the nail world. I was obsessed with Electric Circus so I had to have it! I must admit the only reason why I ordered the second one (Kaleidoscope) was so that Electric Circus wouldn’t be so lonely. But I never regretted getting Kaleidoscope as well! Both Electric Circus and Kaleidoscope are one of the highest quality glitter polishes I own, and the glitters haven’t bled out or faded after 4 years, which is quite impressive!

So here is one coat (!) of Electric Circus over a white base (Catrice – Milky Bay). The glitter payoff is insane! It is really fool-proof and one coat gives an even coverage as shown on the picture below. I added one coat of Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat.

Cirque Electric //

Next up is Kaleidoscope. It is a beautiful combination of various sizes and shapes of matte glitters. I didn’t put this one over a white base because it contains white glitter as well, so I chose a baby-blue creme polish instead (Color Club – Take me to your Chateau). The application of this one is a little more tricky – the clear base is quite thin so I had to snag the bigger glitter particles and place them on my nails. Nevertheless this is a fun nail polish that makes me happy every time I look at it! I topped this one with a coat of Seche Vite Quick Dry as well.

Cirque - Kaleidoscope //

Those two polishes are all I can contribute to #wirlackierencirquecolors as they are (unfortunately) the only polishes I own from Cirque. Have you participated in the challenge? Are you going to participate next month?  The brand for next month will be Anny. I don’t own any polishes from Anny 😦 But I’m looking forward to all of your swatches!

Happy Sunday everyone and read you soon!


Happy New Year 2016!

Hi everyone!

I wish you all a happy New Year, with lots of love, laughter, excitement, happiness and joy! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

Here is my Fireworks manicure that I will be wearing tonight, I hope you like it! I’m entering the Sunday Silvester Nails Blog Challenge by Reviernägel as well as Specialities by Mylistof with this posting, so go check out what these girls wore on their nails for New Years Eve, too!

Fireworks manicure // Fireworks manicure // Fireworks manicure // Fireworks manicure // Fireworks manicure //

And here is what I used, plus a small brush to hand-paint the fireworks:


Happy New Year and cheers!

Fireworks Manicure

Another first: Gradient experiment

Hey beauties,

today I would like to show you my first attempt on gradient nails, which didn’t turn out great but also not really bad. So maybe a few of you can learn from my mistakes!

There are actually three different techniques that I am aware of to achieve a gradient look on your nails. Probably the most famous one and the one I came across first is the sponging technique. Here you paint the colours of choice on a make-up sponge and gently pat it on your nails a few times, until you are satisfied with the look.

The second technique is the fan brush technique where you use a broad thin brush that looks like a fan to apply the colours of your choice to your nails. The third technique I am aware of is the eyeshadow-applicator technique.

For my first attempt I used the sponging technique on one finger (see picture below, on the left), and then decided to try the fan brush technique on my other fingers (picture below on the right). I will definitely try the eyeshadow-applicator technique next time, the only reason I didn’t try it yet is because I simply didn’t have a clean cheap applicator that I could use (you can usually only use them once for this nail art).

Gradient nail art Sponging vs. Fan Brush

All techniques have their pros and cons and I suggest you try them out and see for yourself. To get an idea about the three techniques I mentioned above, this video tutorial helped me a lot.

For my gradient look I used three different nail polishes. The lightest one is a pale purple called Cloud No. 9 by p2 (I’m holding the bottle on the pictures below). The other two colours are a hot pink and a dark purple, both no names from Color Club.
Now let me show you my humble results – on my ringfinger I tried sponging, all the other fingers received the fan brush treatment 😉

Gradient nail art

Gradient nail art

Gradient nail art Gradient nail art

As for the outcome, I there is definitely room for improvement for both techniques. Using the sponging technique I felt like I received a more even gradient effect, but I had a hard time placing the colours where I wanted them, always ending up with too much light colour on the tips or too much dark purple up on my nail. I think I have to wait longer between the different sponging layers and I have to make sure that one layer is dry before adding another one and then accidentally picking up the colour of the other layer.

As for the fan brush technique, I feel that the brush strokes are too visible. I kind of like the effect but it was not what I wanted to achieve. I also had a hard time reaching the cuticle corners/edges with the brush, so I definitely have to practice that.

And now, as a bonus, some beautiful flowers from the botanical garden in Cologne, next to which my gradient nails look much better (maybe also because they are not macro shots from my nails so you can’t see all the imperfect details):

Gradient nail art

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to hear your tips and tricks about gradient nails 🙂