OPI California Dreaming – My Picks [Sponsored Post]

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Hi beauties!

the OPI California Dreaming collection is totally speaking to me with all these beautiful nude and pink shades! I have been wanting to try out a few shades for a while now but just never got around to it. Even though this is a Summer collection, I think that the colours are timeless and very wearable throughout the year! So here are my picks from the California Dreaming collection – thank you so much for sending me these!

I chose the 5 shades you see in the picture below. By the way, I love the names of this collection!

OPI California Dreaming - my picks

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OPI DS Reflection – swatches and review and #ColorfulOPI

Hi peeps!

In my last post I mentioned already that I had scored a bunch of OPI’s at TK-Maxx recently. The one I’m going to show you today is definitely my favourite of the bunch: DS Reflection and it was only 4,99 EUR, what a bargain! 🙂

The DS in OPI DS Reflection means “Designer Series”. All nail polishes from the DS collections have a silver cap instead of a black one, and they are supposed to be special because they are infused with diamond dust and “dazzle like diamonds”! All DS polishes I own are really pretty and most of them are holographic (I guess this is what OPI means by “diamond dust”). The DS polishes usually cost a little more than polishes from the regular lines.

Lotte and Tine have a very generous giveaway going on which I’m entering with my posting: They are asking for everyone’s summer colour, so here is mine! This polish is the perfect red summer nail polish for me, the holo sparkles are really dazzling in the sun!

Let’s take a look at DS Reflection! OPI itself describes this polish as a rich, glowing ruby. And indeed it is! The base colour is a nice and deep red, and what I love about it is its warm orange-y shimmer that adds some extra depth and uniqueness. And then of course, this polish is packed with scattered holographic particles (or, as OPI puts it, “diamond dust”). The finish is thus a warm-shimmery red with scattered holo. Can you guess what happens when the sun hits it? BAM! But this polish also looks very nice in the shade, with lighter and darker particles giving it a very special look.

The application was very nice, two easy coats was all I needed. It also dries very fast but not very shiny on its own. So, for the glossy effect, I added one coat of aHK girl fast drying top coat. The wear was also good, no early chipping or tip wear. Removal was unproblematic (no staining etc.).

OPI DS Reflection // OPI DS Reflection // OPI DS Reflection // OPI DS Reflection // OPI DS Reflection //

Thanks for stopping by and happy weekend!

OPI Chiffon My Mind Swatches and Review

Hi beauties!

I recently scored some OPI shades at TK Maxx (1 bottle for 4,99 EUR!), one of which was Chiffon My Mind from the 2015 Soft Shades collection. It is a sheer shimmery white. The purple, pink and blue shimmer mesmerized me so I had to take this one home. This kind of 3 coloured glassfleck-y microshimmer gets me every time!

OPI Chiffon My Mind //

Unfortunately, Chiffon My Mind turned out to be very sheer and streaky, so the application was not much fun. It took me three coats to get to the results below, and it was still not perfect. Also, three coats of this plus one coat of HK girl fastdry top coat is a lot of polish to dry. Sometimes it then happens that the Fast Dry Top Coat dries faster than what’s underneath. This is what happend to me: the polish got a little wrinkly on my pinky as you might be able to see on one of the pictures, and I hate that effect.

But I liked wearing it. Very work appropriate, very delicate. Also, I wore this for 3 days without any chipping or tip wear, so it was worth the effort of 3 coats. Chances are I won’t be wearing it any time again soon though, I’m just too lazy for nail polish with 3 or more coats. I might try some layering though, I’m sure it would look very nice over a dark blue creme or over a white crelly in order to reduce the number of required coats. As you can see in the pictures below, the shimmer is visible on the nail, which is great!

OPI Chiffon My Mind //

OPI Chiffon My Mind //

OPI Chiffon My Mind //

I wish this beauty had a better formula. I would probably wear it all the time.
Thanks so much for stopping by! Do you have nail polishes in your stash that you hardly wear because you know the formula is a pain?

Have a great week!