Maybelline Color Show Liquid Metals Venus and Hot Lava – Swatches and Review

Hi beauties!

It has been a while since I bought nail polish at a drugstore, simply because I have so many untrieds and drugstore polishes lately were not really a must-have for me. Actually, my friend spotted these when we were shopping together and I don’t know what it was about them that fascinated both of us – they have such a pretty shimmer in the bottle and looked so intriguing! The polishes are from a Maybelline Color Show collection called Liquid Metals. There are four shades in this collection, out of which I bought 502 Venus and 503 Hot Lava.

I’m so glad I picked these up! They have an excellent formula and are beautiful! One thing I have to say, though, is that they dry semi-matte, which is something that I didn’t expect, but actually love! It doesn’t say on the bottle, so I thought I’d let you know because I can imagine that not everyone is a fan of this finish. However, if you don’t like the finish, just grab a glossy top coat!

502 Venus (below) is a beautiful multichrome polish that shifts between dark purple, rose, orange and green. No dark base is needed for this one, the multichrome shimmer stands out on its own because the base already is quite dark. 502 Venus has, like I mentioned above, a semi-matte finish and this is how I’m showing it to you on the pictures (no top coat). I used two coats, the application was great, and I was personally really impressed with the wear of this one! No tipwear and no chipping for 3 full days – I rarely get that with my nails. Removal was easy and there was no staining.

Maybelline Color Liquid Metals 502 Venus // Maybelline Color Liquid Metals 502 Venus //

503 Hot Lava (below) is a beautiful dark wine red shimmer polish. The orange-coppery shimmer provides a beautiful depth to the colour. This one, too, dries semi-matte, and this is how I show it to you on the pictures below (no top coat). Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a true one-coater here! I’m not kidding, all this polish needed was one supereasy coat for the outcome on the pictures. I’m impressed! The wear was good, 2 days before I had to take it off. Maybe if I had applied two coats like the other one, the wear would have been even better! Removal was easy and there was no staining!

Maybelline Color Liquid Metals 503 Hot Lava //

Maybelline Color Liquid Metals 503 Hot Lava //

I really love the polishes from the Liquid Metals collection. They are great for fall/winter, easy to apply, quickdrying and longlasting.

Have you picked up any polishes from this collection?

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Dance Legend Galaxy 842 Pulsar and 844 Comet Tail – Swatches and Review

Hi beauties!

Today I would like to show you two of my favourite nail polishes: 842 Pulsar and 844 Comet Tail from the Dance Legend Galaxy Collection. I’m sure most of you know them and have seen them before, but I needed a challenge for my camera so I thought I’d try to photograph these, because there is just so much going on in them: Holo, Multichrome, kind of a metal finish – they are gorgeous but can be a pain to photograph and I was never able to capture them with my old camera.

All polishes from the DL Galaxy Collection have a multichrome finish an scattered holographic particles/flakes which lie and dry very smooth. And that is what makes them a little camera shy – you usually have to choose whether you would like to emphasize the sparkles or the multichrome-ness.

Dance Legend Pulsar and Comet Tail

842 Pulsar  (above, right) is a multichrome with a blue base that changes to purple, pink, and red depending on the angle. Additionally, it has these gorgeous holographic sparkles that make the polish really look like a galaxy!

Dance Legend 842 Pulsar // Clipboard02 Clipboard04 Clipboard0111

844 Comet Tail ist a multichrome with a pink/red base, changing colours to orange, gold, yellow and green depending on the angle, plus gorgeous holographic sparkles. In the following pictures you can see Comet Tail on my index and ring finger.

Dance Legend Pulsar and Comet Tail //

Dance Legend Pulsar and Comet Tail // Dance Legend Pulsar and Comet Tail // Dance Legend Pulsar and Comet Tail //

Also I tried to make videos of the application. I find application videos very helpful as they say more than words about the consistency and performance of a polish. So instead of telling you that I needed 3 coats for both Comet Tail and Pulsar because the first coat is very sheer, and the second coat usually has some bald spots, I will just place these videos here hoping you will like them! 😉

Last but not least, the wear with these two is not great. They chip very fast on me, and sometimes, if they don’t, I have tip wear after a day or so. But actually, I don’t care, because I just love these Galaxy polishes and I always get compliments when I wear them. Sometimes when I don’t feel like doing 3 coats I just layer one coat over black. Looks great, too!

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Car Paint vs. Nail Polish Part II

car paint versus nail polish

Hey everyone!

Since one of my most popular postings is the car paint vs. nail polish posting from back in 2011, I thought it would be time for a new one!
A lot has happend in the nail world since then, we had new effects, finishes, we had the revolution of indie brands and every possible nail polish finish and shade you can dream of. Also, nail art ideas have advanced a lot, bestowing us with mesmerizing effects for our nails. But what about the car paint industry? Were they able to keep up or is the holo-car still the most extraordinary paint job you can get for your car? Let’s find out!

Super stunning fuchsia holo
First of all, HOLO has reached a whole new dimension – both in the car and in the nail world! Look at this effect! I had to show you this as it instantly reminded me of the stunning ILNP Molly.

Source of manicure (ILNP Molly)
Source of car picture

Chrome / Mirrornails
Chrome nails seem to always be fascinating and while it might still not be possible to create perfect mirror nails with just nail polish, we have come pretty close recently. But how cool is the chrome car?!

Source of manicure (Layla Mirror Effect 01 Metal Chrome)
Source of car picture

Matte neon green
We love a good neon nail polish on our paws! It usually dries matte, which results in this really cool look. I discovered that there are also matte neon cars out there rocking the streets!

Source of manicure (Models Own Flip Flop)
Source of car picture

Multichrome nail polish / Flipflop car paint
We all love the incredible duo- multi- and ultrachrome nail polishes that some brands have blessed us with recently. Did you know that in the car world, these effects are called “flipflop”? I drooled over all the flipflop cars that google image search showed me! Multichrome/flipflop paint seems to really be the most advanced paint effect there is in the car world. Here is just one example of very similar pigmentation: ILNP Cygnus Loop and an adorable Mini-Cooper with flipflop car paint!



source of manicure (ILNP Cygnus Loop)
source of car picture

Glow in the dark nail polish / cars
When I was a little girl I was fascinated by everything glow-in-the-dark. I don’t own any glow-in-the-dark nail polishes yet, but I definitely have to change that! Now, taking this effect to a whole new dimension by putting it on a car? Yes please! How cool would it be to cruise in a glow-in-the-dark car at night through a party-zone?

Source of manicure (Serum No. 5 Day Glow)
Source of car picture

Colour changing / Thermo nail polish and car paint
One of the coolest nail polish inventions ever is probably thermo nail polish – depending on the temperature of your nailbeds and the environment, they change colours which sometimes results in cool gradient looks on your nails. Now, cars don’t have nailbeds or a body temperature, but nevertheless there are colour-changing thermo car paints too! The youtube-video shows that in order to show the effect, the guy has to run around the car with a bottle of cold water though. A little laborious, but oh well – we sometimes do crazy stuff too to show a certain effecton our nails, don’t we? 😉

Dance Legend Thermo 170

Galaxy nails vs. Galaxy car!
Next up are some nailart classics – and I was surprised to find out that there were also cars like that! For example galaxy nails – there are so many stunning creations out there and I’m always mesmerized when looking at galaxy nails. Turns out car owners also love to bring the space cosmos onto their cars!

source of galaxy nail art
source of car picture

A classic in the nailart world, polkadot manicures are always a cute and quick way to pimp up your manicure. But a whole polkadot car?! How cool is that?

Source of manicure
Source of car picture

Chalkboard nails vs. chalkboar car
Chalkboard nails might not be the most popular out there, but I always loved them – I think the idea is really cute, especially as a back-to-school mani! When i came across chalkboard cars I thought: How convenient! If there is anything you would like the car owner to know (e.g.: Next time please try to use one parking spot only) you just write it on his car!

Source of manicure
Source of car picture

Animal print nail art / Leo-car
Another classic in the nail art world is animal print nails! No wonder there are also animal print cars out there – for example a leo-print car. So chic!


source of manicure
source of car picture

Velvet (grass) manicure
Can you believe it? Even velvet manicures that are created by sprinkling flocking powder on your wet nail polish have a counterpart in the car world: A grass car? Seriously?

source of manicure
source of car picture

Blingbling Swarovski nails/car
Oh yeah, we know how to bling up our nails! Nails covered in rhinestones are a popular way to create an elegant and extravagant manicure. Now, nails are small and covering them up completely might be a little time consuming but doable. But a whole car? Covered in genuine supershiny Swarovski?! That is just out of this world!

Source of manicure
Source of car picture

Gradient nails / car
Gradient nails are beautiful, and some ladies really know how to do it – a whole gradient rainbow manicure is probably the showcase of gradient nail art! And now imagine a rainbow car – how did they do that?!

Source of manicure
Source of car picture

Now, with all these comparisons and matches, there is still one finish from the nail world that I am missing in the car world: Multichrome flakies! How awesome would a car painted with a layer of mulichrome flakies look?!

If you could pick one car to match your favourite manicure, which one would it be? I’d totally go for a super-holographic car!


PS: In case one of the pictures above is yours and you think that I haven’t given you enough credit, please let me know! I linked to all the original sources of the pictures, but I am happy to change anything or remove your picture if you are not happy with me using it for this posting. Thank you!