Secret (polish) Santa: Hot oder Schrott Wichteln 7

Hi beauties!

In the German nail world, there is a Secret Santa tradition that has been initiated by Lena a few years ago. Now, for the 7th time already, she and Lotte (Marzipany) are organizing this awesome activity where nail polish lovers send each other nail polishes that they think are junk (“Schrott”) – and quite frequently, the receivers actually think the polishes aren’t junk, but actually hot!

In the past years I always enjoyed reading the blog posts about what other people received, but I somehow never got around to joining in. This year, for the first time, I signed up too!

Here is what my secret Santa sent to me:

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Misslyn 149 Fire Opal and 786 Bazaar Deluxe – swatches and review

Hi beauties!

I’m back from my vacation with two nail polishes that I won from the Misslyn newsletter! I’m really excited because I usually never win anything 🙂

These two colours are from the new collection called Oriental Spirit and they are 149 Fire Opal as well as 786 Bazaar Deluxe. The collection also contains other make up and in my opinion the colours are very nice and suitable for the upcoming fall season. My package also contained a mascara (for camel eyes – I love this association because these animals do have incredible lashes!) a lipstick and a small eye shadow palette, all of great quality. I will focus on the nail polishes though. If you are interested in the other products, Carry from Living the Beauty has a detailed review of the mascara, the lipstick, and the eye shadow pallette for you!

149 Fire Opal is a beautiful copper-y light red to orange shade with warm golden shimmer. I probably would have never bought this one for myself but I am surprised by how much I like it. The shimmer is very visible and vibrant in direct sunlight, and still visible but very subtle in the shade. A really nice colour that has depth because of the shimmer.

The application was easy and smooth, I applied two coats but discovered after taking pictures that in some lighting conditions you can still see the nail line. So I would advice to use 3 coats for full coverage. Drying time was good, and the wear as well – I wore this full 3 days before adding one coat of the topper 786 Bazaar Deluxe, a gold flake or rather gold shred topper with a clear base. The glitter payoff of one coat was very satisfying, and the top coat fits well into the oriental theme. However, it is not a unique top coat, I myself already own an almost similar one from the Essence Metal Glam trend edition called Steel-ing the Scene. For a comparison see below.

UPDATE: When removing Fire Opal I had massive staining, so I highly recommend using a protective base coat against that! My poor nails are all orange now 😦

The first pictures show two coats of Fire Opal with one coat of Seche Vite in shade and sunlight, then the last two pictures show it topped with one coat of Bazaar Deluxe and another coat of Seche Vite.

Misslyn 149 Fire Opal Misslyn 149 Fire Opal Misslyn 149 Fire Opal Misslyn 149 Fire Opal

One coat of 786 Bazaar Deluxe on top:

Misslyn 149 Fire Opal Misslyn 149 Fire Opal

If you were wondering how Bazaar Deluxe compares to Essence Steel-ing the scene, I compared the two and found them to be very close. I had the impression that the topper from Essence has slightly smaller flakes, so the effect is a little different. You probably don’t need both though.

Comparison Essence Steeling the scene and Misslyn Bazaar Deluxe

Thanks for reading, have a great day – any plans for the weekend? I will still be busy unpacking and washing from my holiday and trying to acclimatize from the beautiful beach weather back to the big city clouds.


Misslyn 646 “las vegas”

Misslyn has changed its product line completely lately, and I think a lot of their new nail polish colours look very nice. But instead of buying them all right away I showed some common-sense this time and only bought the one I thought was the prettiest. That is Nr. 646 las vegas. It is a nail polish with a purple base, golden shimmer and little golden glass-flecks. So pretty! And here is how this looks on the nails:

I read some blogs that complained about how sheer this polish is. I don’t think it’s that bad. I used two coats and was satisfied with the outcome. But there is something else annoying me: as you might see on the pics, there was some serious shrinking going on! I didn’t use any base or top coat, so it must have been the polish itself. If you don’t know what shrinking is: After the polish dries, it kinda “shrinks” on the nail and the nail tip becomes visible / is not covered by polish anymore. Too bad, because I really like the colour, the shimmer and the glass flecks.

Maybe I will try a basecoat next time and see if it prevents Misslyn las vegas from shrinking.
Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!