Secret (polish) Santa: Hot oder Schrott Wichteln 7

Hi beauties!

In the German nail world, there is a Secret Santa tradition that has been initiated by Lena a few years ago. Now, for the 7th time already, she and Lotte (Marzipany) are organizing this awesome activity where nail polish lovers send each other nail polishes that they think are junk (“Schrott”) – and quite frequently, the receivers actually think the polishes aren’t junk, but actually hot!

In the past years I always enjoyed reading the blog posts about what other people received, but I somehow never got around to joining in. This year, for the first time, I signed up too!

Here is what my secret Santa sent to me:

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Sephora Stormy Pink + Mavala Orion

Last week there was an incredible offer by Sephora in Maastricht (dutch city) – you could pick up any 3 items and pay 10 Euro all together. I almost bought the whole shop 😉 Of course I also bought lots of polishes….

Today I want to show you Sephora in Stormy Pink in combination with a very awesome flakie polish by Mavala called Orion.
Stormy Pink is a very beautiful dark red creme polish with the perfect formula. Orion is one of the several beautiful flakie polishes by the not-so-well-known brand Mavala. The flakies of this brand are unique in the way that their base colours are unusual and beautiful. But see for yourself, first in the bottle, then on the nails!

For details you might want to click the pictures. The third pic shows the golden shimmer that is also included in the Mavala polish, the flakies you can see better on the second picture.

I only put one coat of the flakie polish because I love the subtle look, but it would be possible to add much more duochrome flakie-fun with more coats. I love this combination very much and it lasts for 4 days now without any chipping (thats long for my taste, I always manage to get chips after one or two days normally).

Can’t wait to show you the other flakies by Mavala! Did you guys know they even existed?