OPI DS Reflection – swatches and review and #ColorfulOPI

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In my last post I mentioned already that I had scored a bunch of OPI’s at TK-Maxx recently. The one I’m going to show you today is definitely my favourite of the bunch: DS Reflection and it was only 4,99 EUR, what a bargain! 🙂

The DS in OPI DS Reflection means “Designer Series”. All nail polishes from the DS collections have a silver cap instead of a black one, and they are supposed to be special because they are infused with diamond dust and “dazzle like diamonds”! All DS polishes I own are really pretty and most of them are holographic (I guess this is what OPI means by “diamond dust”). The DS polishes usually cost a little more than polishes from the regular lines.

Lotte and Tine have a very generous giveaway going on which I’m entering with my posting: They are asking for everyone’s summer colour, so here is mine! This polish is the perfect red summer nail polish for me, the holo sparkles are really dazzling in the sun!

Let’s take a look at DS Reflection! OPI itself describes this polish as a rich, glowing ruby. And indeed it is! The base colour is a nice and deep red, and what I love about it is its warm orange-y shimmer that adds some extra depth and uniqueness. And then of course, this polish is packed with scattered holographic particles (or, as OPI puts it, “diamond dust”). The finish is thus a warm-shimmery red with scattered holo. Can you guess what happens when the sun hits it? BAM! But this polish also looks very nice in the shade, with lighter and darker particles giving it a very special look.

The application was very nice, two easy coats was all I needed. It also dries very fast but not very shiny on its own. So, for the glossy effect, I added one coat of aHK girl fast drying top coat. The wear was also good, no early chipping or tip wear. Removal was unproblematic (no staining etc.).

OPI DS Reflection // OPI DS Reflection // OPI DS Reflection // OPI DS Reflection // OPI DS Reflection //

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OPI Chiffon My Mind Swatches and Review

Hi beauties!

I recently scored some OPI shades at TK Maxx (1 bottle for 4,99 EUR!), one of which was Chiffon My Mind from the 2015 Soft Shades collection. It is a sheer shimmery white. The purple, pink and blue shimmer mesmerized me so I had to take this one home. This kind of 3 coloured glassfleck-y microshimmer gets me every time!

OPI Chiffon My Mind //

Unfortunately, Chiffon My Mind turned out to be very sheer and streaky, so the application was not much fun. It took me three coats to get to the results below, and it was still not perfect. Also, three coats of this plus one coat of HK girl fastdry top coat is a lot of polish to dry. Sometimes it then happens that the Fast Dry Top Coat dries faster than what’s underneath. This is what happend to me: the polish got a little wrinkly on my pinky as you might be able to see on one of the pictures, and I hate that effect.

But I liked wearing it. Very work appropriate, very delicate. Also, I wore this for 3 days without any chipping or tip wear, so it was worth the effort of 3 coats. Chances are I won’t be wearing it any time again soon though, I’m just too lazy for nail polish with 3 or more coats. I might try some layering though, I’m sure it would look very nice over a dark blue creme or over a white crelly in order to reduce the number of required coats. As you can see in the pictures below, the shimmer is visible on the nail, which is great!

OPI Chiffon My Mind //

OPI Chiffon My Mind //

OPI Chiffon My Mind //

I wish this beauty had a better formula. I would probably wear it all the time.
Thanks so much for stopping by! Do you have nail polishes in your stash that you hardly wear because you know the formula is a pain?

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The mighty quest for epic dupes: YSL Peace Green comparison to other nail polishes

YSL Peace Green Dupe Comparison

Hi beauties,

I think it is always fascinating when you come across a nail polish that is so unique that there are no dupes available. I think that YSL Peach Green is a nail polish like that, at least I am not aware of any dupes to it: It has a nice green/blue pastel base with some very visible iridescent pink shimmer, and this is all in one polish! Google-ing has not brought up any useful dupes at all, but I found a few blogs that tried to combine a similar base colour with some pink shimmer.

So I went through my stash and collected all the closest pastel green/blue polishes, along with all the pink shimmer toppers that I own. Maybe this comparison will help you a little, especially if you were wondering whether a certain polish/topper is close to Peace Green or not. Spoiler alert: I did not find a perfect combination in my stash, but I encourage you to try some combinations for yourself – you might end up with a great manicure that you enjoy, even though it might not be 100% the same as wearing Peace Green.

Here are the base colours I tried:

  • China Glaze – Keep calm, paint on
  • P2 – 590 who cares?
  • Susie N.Y. – 46
  • Glam Nails – 95 Opal
  • Kiko – 389
  • Catrice – 240 Sold Out For Ever
  • Catherine – 249
  • Manhattan – 08M

YSL Peace Green Dupe Comparison

And here is a list of other nail polishes that might have the same base colour as Peace Green, but I don’t own them myself, so I can’t compare:

  • RdL Young – Mint, Myself and I
  • China Glaze – Re-fresh Mint
  • Essie – Mint Candy Apple
  • Illamasqua – Milf
  • Revlon – Minted

And here are the pink toppers that I tried:

  • Basic – No Name
  • Models Own – Indian Ocean
  • Essence – 01 Feels so good
  • OPI – Movin’ Out

YSL Peace Green Dupe Comparison

One of the colours that first came to mind when I thought about dupes for the base colour of Peace Green was Chanel Jade or its cheap dupe, Catrice Sold Out For Ever. The base colour is not even close though, Chanel Jade/Catrice SOFE is much greener and slightly darker. Also, it is missing the pink shimmer of course. See comparison below, which also shows that Catherine 249 is greener, lighter and more yellow than the base of Peace Green:

YSL Peace Green Dupe Comparison

I think we don’t have to mention Manhattan 08M as this is much too dark and too green/grey. (See below). But look at China Glaze – Keep Calm, Paint On! The base of China Glaze appears to be a little paler with less blue undertones. But this one came really close and I love that it also has a shimmer of its own, even though it is not a pink one!

YSL Peace Green Dupe Comparison

Two more close candidates were Susie N.Y. 46 as well as p2 Who Cares, see below. The Susie nail polish was a gift from Tokyo and p2 is a german local cheap drugstore brand. Both shades are a little more blue than Peace Green but look pretty close.

YSL Peace Green Dupe Comparison

The last two nail polishes that made it on the comparison list are Glam Nails Opal and Kiko 389. Opal has a beautiful blue shimmer itself, apart from that it might be a little too pale. Kiko on the other hand is much too vibrant and blue, see below.

YSL Peace Green Dupe Comparison

Okay so my three favourites when it comes to the base colour of Peace Green are:

  • China Glaze – Keep Calm, Paint On
  • p2 – Who Cares
  • Susie N.Y. – 46

Now to the shimmers on top! First of all, the shimmer I had high expectations about, OPI Movin’ Out, was way too dark and changed the base colour too much. So that one is not an option. It looks good over all kinds of base colours, but a light pale green/blue is not a great match (see below – China Glaze as the base and one coat of OPI Movin’ Out on top). A pink shimmer top coat that really did it for me was from Basic (No Name). Sadly, it is from a drugstore that is no longer (Schlecker) so it is discontinued. But it is the perfect shimmer consistency, very subtle, not changing the base colour, and very tiny shimmer particles. The shimmer is a little cooler-toned than the one of Peace Green, and more purple/blue, but I love the combination of China Glaze and the Basic shimmer top coat a lot. See below:

YSL Peace Green Dupe Comparison

I liked this noname Basic shimmer top coat so much that I decided to put it over P2 and Susie N.Y. as well. It makes both base polishes look a lot like YSL Peace Green. See below for an overview. You can also see here that Models Own Indian Ocean and Essence Feels so Good are stunning shimmers but their particles are much bigger than the glow-y sheen of Peace Green.

YSL Peace Green Dupe Comparison

So, my favourite shimmer top coat is hands down the basic no name. I applied it over my three favourite base colours on my nails below, and on my ring finger is Peace Green for comparison. You can see that the shimmer of Peace Green is much warmer than the basic top coat.

YSL Peace Green Dupe Comparison

YSL Peace Green Dupe Comparison

I hope this comparison was helpful for you! It certainly was a lot of fun for me – even though I couldn’t find a 100% match, I found a lot of beautiful combinations! For example, I love Models Own Indian Ocean over a pale green base, absolutely beautiful! I recommend experimenting for yourself!

Have you got any suggestions for dupes to Peace Green? I’d love to hear! Just leave a comment below ❤

Happy Sunday everyone!


It looks like some indie brands have accepted the challenge to dupe this beauty and came pretty close! Check out

Ever After Polish – 2 Peace in a Pod
CbL – Rendered Speechless
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