Secret (polish) Santa: Hot oder Schrott Wichteln 7

Hi beauties!

In the German nail world, there is a Secret Santa tradition that has been initiated by Lena a few years ago. Now, for the 7th time already, she and Lotte (Marzipany) are organizing this awesome activity where nail polish lovers send each other nail polishes that they think are junk (“Schrott”) – and quite frequently, the receivers actually think the polishes aren’t junk, but actually hot!

In the past years I always enjoyed reading the blog posts about what other people received, but I somehow never got around to joining in. This year, for the first time, I signed up too!

Here is what my secret Santa sent to me:

Mavala – 88 Chihuahua:
A vibrant coral base with subtle silver shimmer. Quite unique, I don’t have anything like this! Application is great and I love the colour. HOT!

Mavala Chihuahua

Mavala – 28 Austin:
A silver chrome polish. Application on its own was streaky but opaque. I’ve seen better silver chrome polishes. However, it turned out to be great for stamping and will probably be my go-to silver stamping polish now! HOT!

Mavala Austin

Misslyn – 750 Feathery:
The infamous white bar glitter polish. Not a big fan and actually I own one myself, which I almost sent away in my package, haha! Now I have two. Sorry but it’s just not my thing. SCHROTT.

Misslyn - 750 Feathery:

A England – Heathcliff:
My heart skipped a beat when I saw that my secret Santa had included an A England polish! That is so generous. I love their polishes! This one is a structured black base with silver, blue, and copper gitter. I wore a peeloff basecoat underneath. Application was nice, it did look a little dark on the nails though, without much sparkle. I can see why my secret Santa decided to part with this one. My love for A England is strong though, so I will definitely keep it! HOT!

A England - Heathcliff

Mavala – Oil Seal Dryer:
Euhm.. I tried pretty much everything there is on the market when it comes to “quick-dry”. I remember testing “drip dry drops” from the drugstore once, and this oil seal dryer from Mavala reminds me of those. It doesn’t really work for me. It seals the top layer but the layers underneath don’t dry. The only thing that really works for me is quick dry top coat! SCHROTT.

Mavala Oil Seal Dryer

P2 – 100 heavenly girl:
This one is a nice and very opaque baby blue creme. A very nice formula, almost opaque in one coat. I have a few similar shades so even though I think this one is HOT, I will probably give it away.

P2 - 100 heavenly girl

P2 – Diva Expressiva:
This one is a beautiful and very deep purple creme. I LOVE it. Great formula, great application, stunning colour… HOT! HOT! HOT!

P2 - Diva Expressiva:

I must say, it was such a great experience! I had so much fun picking out the polishes to send away, and it was even more fun to receive my own surprise package! I love almost everything: Mavala Polishes are great- they deserve more love in the nail world! A England was a great surprise, and one of the P2 colours turned out to be my favourite of the whole package!

Here is my skittle mani with all the polishes (look at that silver chrome stamping!).

Hot oder Schrot Manicure

My secret Santa was the lovely Shirley from Lack ‘n’ Roll. By the way, she just revived her blog and is holding an awesome giveaway (Europe only), you should definitely go and check it out!! But do it quick, it ends tomorrow!

Thank you so much Shirley, for this awesome package!

Have a great week everyone!

4 thoughts on “Secret (polish) Santa: Hot oder Schrott Wichteln 7

  1. Oh, ich habe das Foto schon auf Instagram gesehen, aber gar nicht gepeilt, dass das meine Lacke sind! xD
    So passen sie ja sogar richtig gut zusammen! Freut mich sehr, dass dir die meisten davon gefallen! Ich bin nie drauf gekommen, mit dem silbernen zu Stampen, das wäre mal ne Idee gewesen. Er hatte sich durch das Chromefinish so schnell disqualifiziert, dass ich nicht weiter darüber nachgedacht habe. 😀

    Liebe Grüße

    Liked by 1 person

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