The mighty quest for Mirror Chrome Pigment Powder

Hi folks!

Update!! Check out my mirror chrome powder comparison here for part II!

So the past few days the nail world was hit by a few mysterious videos that showed how a powder/pigment applied to nails had a perfect mirror-like chrome effect. I was instantly mesmerized and started to investigate: How does this work? Here is the original video that I stumbled upon:

Isn’t this beautiful?

I found out that this pigment can only be applied to gel nails / UV nail polish. I found a german shop that claimed to sell Chrome Pigments and that also had a video up that looked promising. So after contacting them about how exactely it works, I ordered a black UV nail polish, 3 different chrome pigments (white, gold and arcitic white) and a Speed Shine Top Coat from Trendnails Lac & Go. One of their videos explains how the chrome effect works, but to be honest the outcome of the effect in that video never really convinced me. Another video shows very briefly the effect of their chrome pigment and that one made me curious as the effect looks gorgeous in that video.

A few days later the package arrived and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I did everything like they explained in the video, meaning the following steps:

  • (Buff and prime nails (I didn’t do that as I tried it on a swatch stick first))
  • 1 coat of black Lac & Go (A1-02)
  • Cure for 2 minutes
  • Apply Chrom Effect Pigment with a soft brush and work into the nail
  • 1 coat of Lac & Go Speed Shine Top Coat
  • Cure for 1 minute
  • Apply another coat of the Chrom Effect Pigment with the brush
  • 1 coat of Lac & Go Speed Shine Top Coat
  • Cure for 1 minute

I videotaped everything so you can see the application. I’m sorry for the blurry pictures, but my video skills are very basic *ahem*. Here are 3 videos – one for each pigment:


The thing is, I like the effect, but it is not as strong as I had hoped. The Chrom Effect Weiss (white) worked pretty well. But to be honest, it is not a real mirror chrome effect. The black has a very nice shine to it, it looks like a dark antharcite chrome effect, but nowhere near silver chrome. Gold did not stick very well on the first coat, but the second coat over the Speed Shine Coat was ok. It achieved a blackened golden sheen – again, nice but not what I had hoped. Same with the Arctic White – the first coat didn’t really stick to the nail, the second coat after the Speed Shine Coat was better again. It left a nice cool-toned blue-ish sheen. Here are the results of all three pigments:

Chrome Effect Mirror Pigment Powder

Bottom to top: White, Arctic Silver, Gold

We are getting closer, but this is not what I was looking for. I ordered a few more pigments from Aliexpress but it will take a while until they arrive. In the meantime I think that the demand for these chrome pigments will explode and a lot of shops will try to sell their stuff. I will keep you updated and keep my eyes open for the “real deal” – so I hope that not all of us have to spend ridiculous amounts of money for some louche expensive pre-order or “wannabe-chrome-pigments” like the ones I showed you today.

If you found something that works for you, I’d be more than happy to hear about it!

PS: But for what it’s worth: The Trendnails Lac&Go UV polish system seems to be really cool. I’m very happy with the black UV polish I bought from them, very easy application (1 coat) and no problems on my nails – and it feels like it will last for a long time without tip wear or chipping. I thought this would be worth mentioning 🙂


19 thoughts on “The mighty quest for Mirror Chrome Pigment Powder

  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading your post. I am confident you can get the chrome looks you are seeking from a product I invented nearly 10 years ago called Minx (a solid nail coating) Last year we introduced a new formula making it even easier to apply. We brew up Minx in San Diego, CA and are woman owned. I would love to send you some samples to trial. (please email me your address) you can check out our chrome colors at


  2. I have read that the original video uses pigment that is too high in a metal powder which could be harmful when applied to the nail, also it is dangerous if you inhale it. Born Pretty store are selling a pigment but I’m not sure how that complies with cosmetic industry legislation.

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  3. Hallo aus Wien, solltetet Ihr noch nach den *wirklichen* Spiegeleffekt – Pigment suchen kann ich Euch eine Adresse empfehlen, ist aber leider in Österreich! Das Foto in dem Webstore ist zur Demonstration montiert, aber ich könnte auch reale Fotos mit richtigem! Silber/ Gold Nagel liefern :))


    • Hallo Simone, danke für den Hinweis! Ja, ich bin immernoch auf der Suche und habe ein paar Bestellungen getätigt, warte nun auf die Ankunft! Mehr Bestellungen sind im Budget leider momentan nicht drin. Warum ist auf der Webseite denn nur ein montiertes Bild? Das sieht so unecht aus – magst du mir echte Tragebilder des Pigments schicken? Gerne an schneevante [at] vollbio [punkt] de. Bin gespannt!


  4. I personally love the look acgieved when I used the Mia Secret Mirror Chrome Set. I’m unable to attach a photo, but the beautiful mirror results are on my IG page @lookatyournails.

    Keep nailin em’


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  6. Hi kiddo. So you are doing it wrong. You must use a NO WIPE top coat or if you do not have one get the tacky off the clear coat. You need a eyeshadow sponge applicator and you press the powder in. You use a tiny amount. You are using WAY to much. I am not a technician but I got all the colors to mirror perfectly. Keep practicing you’ll get it!

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    • Hey Laura, thanks for your comment. I do use a no wipe top coat and an eyeshadow applicator and I tried little and a lot of powder. In my updated post I wrote that the powder I used here is not a real mirror chrome powder. I compared it to a couple of other powders that work mich better.


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