Clear Jelly Stamper – Stamping on Nicole by OPI Star of the Party

Hi beauties!

Today just a quick post with some underexposed pictures from my recent stamping nailart! I’m pretty excited to show you this, because without my new clear jelly stamper from Onlinhut I would have never been able to place the patterns so accurately on my nail. Because the stamper has a clear/transparent filling, you can see through the stamper where your design will end up on the nail. Also, this stamper picks up all my designs perfectly without any effort, there is no warping or smudging and I didn’t even have to prime it! I’m head over heels in love with this stamper!

Clear Jelly StamperClear Jelly Stamper  Clear Jelly Stamper

I used Nicole by OPI Star of the Party as a base (two coats) and stamped with Essence Colour and Go Pink & Proud which is wonderful for stamping! I finished with one coat of SV Fast Drying TC. Sorry for the bad light, but I haven’t figured out how to use my daylight lamp yet, so all I had was the cloudy lighting outside.

The plate I used was Moyou Explorer 03.

Stamping Nicole by OPI Stamping Nicole by OPI

What do you think of my new hand posture? I’m never able to line up all for fingers in a nice looking way, so I thought a more relaxed pose maybe suits my hand anatomy a little better.
Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day!


4 thoughts on “Clear Jelly Stamper – Stamping on Nicole by OPI Star of the Party

  1. Lovely mani and hand pose! You got a nice result with the clear jelly stamper! I think I just need more practice and patience;
    I don’t do much stamping…a lot of that was due to placement failure. So I figured the clear jelly stamper would be the answer to that….now just have to get used to the firmer stamper…

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    • Thank you! Yeah, I also have a love/hate relationship with stamping. There are so many factors that influence performance, like the polish used, the angle of the scraper, the stamper, the plate and so forth… i experiment a lot and also found that what works great for others doesn’t necessarily work good for me. Good luck 🙂


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