Colour Alike 501 – swatches and review

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had great Christmas holidays! I certainly did, and for the sake of our Christmas tree I would like to show you one of the most beautiful fir green nail polishes I own: Colour Alike 501.
You might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything lately and I’m sorry about that! I bought a new camera in November (Sony Alpha 6000) and I had to get used to it first. Also, I needed some extra equipment (extension tubes, tripod, adapter for old lenses…) before I felt ready to start taking pictures for my blog again. So yeah, I’m serious about photography now, lol. Lets see where this gets me! I am still practising, so please be patient with me on my journey… photography is such a complex thing! Sometimes I even feel like going back to my old point-and-shoot cam – everything seemed so easy and straighforward back then. But I decided to remain defiant and I see some progress here and there, so bear with me!

Back to the polish! Colour Alike 501 is a beautiful dark fir-green holographic nail polish. The formula is perfection –  it is no doubt a one coater! The pictures below show two coats plus Seche Vite top coat though, just because of my habit to always do two coats. The holographic effect is visible in direct lighting and sunlight, but it is not the strongest linear holo out there. Nonetheless this is a beautiful polish! I wore it three days until some tip wear showed. Removal was no problem, and I also had no problems with staining, which can sometimes be a problem with dark green nail polishes like this one. Enjoy the pictures!

Colour Alike 501 swatch Colour Alike 501 swatch Colour Alike 501 swatch Colour Alike 501 swatch Colour Alike 501 swatch

It occured to me that Colour Alike 501 might be a dupe to A England Saint George, but it isn’t. While CA 501 is really green, AE Saint George is more teal, with more blue undertones. I found a great comparison photo here and also checked my own swatch sticks to find the exact same differences with my own eyes.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any comments or suggestions, especially regarding the photos that were taken with my new camera, I’d be really happy to hear them!


Looking forward to your comments! Feel free to write in English or German :)

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