edding L.A.Q.U.E. – Wild Watermelon swatches and review

PR Sample

Hey everyone!

I’ve already shown you 2 shades of the new edding L.A.Q.U.E. nail polishes, Mad Mistyrose and Real Red. I saved my favourite colour for last 🙂 Today I would like to show you Wild Watermelon, a pink and cool-toned red with creme finish, which I found very flattering for my skin tone and a fresh and cute colour in general. Like with the other two edding nail polishes, I was surprised by how shiny the first coat of Wild Watermelon dried, and one coat of Wild Watermelon was pretty opaque already, as you can see on the first picture that only shows one coat. When looking close, you can still see my visible nail line though:

Edding Wild Watermelon // headtofoot.wordpress.com

So I added a second coat. Application was good, but I had some problems with bubbles again, which I was able to even out with the sealing top coat that edding sent with the nail polishes. This is how two coats with the edding top coat looked like (the colour is more true-to-life in the last two pictures which were taken in the shade):

Edding Wild Watermelon // headtofoot.wordpress.com Edding Wild Watermelon // headtofoot.wordpress.com Edding Wild Watermelon // headtofoot.wordpress.com Edding Wild Watermelon // headtofoot.wordpress.com

The wear was okay, but only if you use top coat. For a comparison I had every second finger painted with the edding top coat for a few days. The nails that didn’t have TC showed tip wear after a day, and chipping and scratches during the second day. The nails with top coat survived the second day, I had to take it off on the third day due to tip wear though. So I really recommend using a top coat to extend the wear.

Price-wise, a bottle of edding L.A.Q.U.E. is as expensive as a bottle of Essie. While Essie bottles contain 13.5 ml, edding only contains 8 ml though so edding is actually more expensive than essie. I would say that the quality is comparable to essie, but it highly depends on the colour you are using. Edding nail polishes are now available at Müller, Douglas, Kaufhof and Karstadt.

I really loved wearing “Wild Watermelon” because for me it is a great alternative to the classic red nail polish when you want “red but with a twist”.

Thanks for passing by and to all my fellow Cologne peeps: Alaaf 🙂


Looking forward to your comments! Feel free to write in English or German :)

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