Catherine Bloggerevent: Introducing Favorites by Myriam von M.

Hi Beauties,

last Saturday I attended my very first bloggerevent! I was invited by Catherine, a german beauty brand that is specialised in nail polish, nail care and nail studio equipment. Their nail polishes can only be bought at Catherine nail studios or online and they recently launched some interesting collections, like, for example, the Natascha Ochsenknecht (german celebrity) collection which I swatched here. Their next collection will be launched next week, and it will be called “Favorites by Myriam von M.” Myriam is a cancer activist with a strong campaign called “Fuck cancer!”. By cooperating with Catherine, she wants to bring colour into the everyday life of her fans and show that just because you are ill you don’t have to look ill! The earnings of this collection will fund the foundation of a charitable society for women who suffer from HPV (humane papilloma virus)-associated cancer.

I was allowed to bring a friend, so I brought my bestie Christine and we were the first ones to arrive so this is what the conference room looked like:

Catherine Blogger Event

I was in heaven! So many nail polishes, nail care products, everything you need to make your nails pretty!

After everyone had arrived, Myriam and Sascha (public relations of Catherine) introduced the new collection and gave information about the event. Unfortunately, there was no round of introduction, so it was up to us to introduce ourselves to other bloggers informally, and I never got the chance to introduce myself to Myriam properly.

Catherine Blogger Event

We learned that the collection contains Myriam’s favorite colours from existing and prototype colours of the Catherine range, so some of the colours were actually still under development when she chose for them to be included in her favorites! I forgot to ask whether the new colours will have names, but I guess so as Catherine always has names for their colours.

The following colours will be included in the Favorites collection:

  • 205 “emerald” (existing colour from Catherine standard range): a petrol creme shade, Myriam’s favorite from the collection as it is also the colour of the bow of cervical cancer (blue-green)
  • 217 “spell” (existing colour from Catherine standard range): a beautiful vibrant purple creme
  • 242 new colour from prototypes: neon green creme
  • 243 new colour from prototypes: bright neon yellow creme
  • 244 new colour from prototypes: neon orange creme
  • 245 new colour from prototypes: neon pink creme
  • 542 “lollypop” (existing colour from Catherine standard range): a delicate lilac creme
  • 548 “catherine” (existing colour from Catherine standard range): the classic red creme
  • 701 “devotion” (existing colour from Catherine standard range): a black, white and beige glitter topper
  • 705 new colour from prototypes: dark blue glitter topper

Even though the collection will officially launch next week at Beauty Forum Munich, we were very lucky to sneak a peek at all the colours and try them out ourselves already! Here are some bottle shots:

Catherine Favorites by Myriam von M.
(Above) Left to right: 217, 245, 705, 205, 242

Catherine Favorites by Myriam von M.
Above: 542, 701, 243, 548, 244

Myriam von M. Catherine Event
Above: Myriam (left) applying 548 to the nails of the wonderful Patricia (right) who is an absolute fighter! Go check out her Facebook page and leave some encouraging words for this incredible woman!

After we had tried all the colours, a Catherine trainer showed us some nailart ideas like working with foils etc. which was nice. Then we were invited to join some “hand wellness” but nobody was able to really say what it was going to be. So we all went to a room next door, where a Catherine nail designer workshop was taking place, and the instructor was in the middle of explaining what to do during a foot massage. Our blogger group was a little lost as to what to do, standing in the room, watching the presentation without really knowing what was happening. Later we were invited to try a hand peeling with warm lotion and effervescant powder, which was nice.

After that we were informed that there was going to be dinner with everyone, which I didn’t know before so I couldn’t stay. I wish I had known, then I would have planned that in!

All in all, the whole event was a little chaotic, but I didn’t mind because everyone was very friendly and so generous! We were allowed to take our favourite colours and equipment from the tables home and they even gave me an extra goodie bag for a giveaway on my blog! YES, you read correctly, there will be a giveaway coming up on my blog soon! Woop woop! Just be patient a few more days until I have it all set up!

And here is everyone with nice nails 🙂

Catherine Blogger Event
(Above, left to right): Christine (my bestie), me, Majka from Majkas Welt, Patricia from The Fight against cancer since 2010, Myriam von M. and her mom!

Thanks again to everyone, it was a really great day!

Stay tuned for swatches of Myriam’s collection as well as the giveaway of one brimmed Catherine goodiebag!


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