edding L.A.Q.U.E. Real Read – Swatches and Review


Hi Beauties!

If you are not from Germany, you might not know the brand “edding”. It is actually a stationery brand specialised on permanent markers / sharpies so I was very surprised when I heard that they now also make nail polish!

Edding markers are known for their high quality and their permanency, so I kinda liked the idea of their quality standards being transferred to a nail polish formula. Plus, when I was a teenager, I used their black sharpie to paint my nails – but don’t tell anyone!

So now they are making nail polish. I like the range of colours they offer, with all the classic colours as well as some more special ones. Overall a very nice choice of nuances. What surprised me a little is that almost all of the edding polishes have a creme finish. I think I only saw 2 or 3 with shimmery finish. No glitters, no duochromes, no glassflecks, no shimmers 😦
I really hope that they will start releasing some glitters and shimmers soon, otherwise the nail world might get bored very quickly with their creme shades.

I was very lucky to be able to test 3 of their brand new nail polish colours, one of which I would like to show you today.

The first colour I would like to review for you is called Real Red. As the name suggests, it is the classic red creme nail polish. Application was flawless. The shape of the brush is flat and broad – ok to work with but not my favourite. What really surprised my was how shiny the polish dried after one coat. It also dried very quickly. Here is how one coat of Real Red on its own looks like:

edding laque real red

Still some VNL so I added a second coat. I experienced some problems with bubbles after the second coat. I was able to even this out later though with a top coat. Edding has a special quick drying sealing coat which I used for the photos below. It dries very shiny and also quite quickly, but it can’t really compete with my Seche Vite Fast Drying top coat when it comes to drying time. This is how two coats with the edding top coat looked like:

edding laque real red edding laque real red edding laque real red edding laque real red

The wear was okay, but only if you use top coat. For a comparison I had every second finger painted with the edding top coat for a few days. The nails that didn’t have TC showed tip wear after a day, and chipping and scratches during the second day. The nails with top coat survived the second day, I had to take it off on the third day due to tip wear though. So I really recommend using a top coat to extend the wear.

Real Red is a classic red nail polish with a good quality. Price-wise, a bottle of edding L.A.Q.U.E. is as expensive as a bottle of Essie. While Essie bottles contain 13.5 ml, edding only contains 8 ml though so edding is actually more expensive than essie. I would say that the quality is comparable to essie, but it highly depends on the colour you are using.

Stay tuned for two more colours – Mad Mistyrose and Wild Waterlemon!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Sunday!

PS: A short review in German, written by me, can be found here!


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