Models Own Flip Flop Swatches and Review

Hey guys,
I know I know, autumn is coming up, but I suggest you get your sunglasses out one last time 8)
I’ve been looking for a limegreen neon nail polish for quite a while now, and my Pinterest wishlist board has been piling up with neon limegreen nail polishes from various brands. After some extensive googling and obsessive blog reading (thanks everyone!) I decided to give Models Own Flip Flop from their Polish for tans collection a try. I read good things about its formula, and I was happy with the way this polish looked on pictures.

I ordered Flip Flop at Cambree. This was my first order from them and definitely not my last! I was very happy with them!

Tha application was ok, well actually good for a bright neon. With the second coat I was able to cover most bald spots from the first coat, and then just had to dab here and there for it all to even out nicely. No white undies required!

The polish dries matte but I used a top coat (Seche Vite Fastdry) to make it shiny. Also, the green freaked out my camera and my monitor. I recommend looking at other swatches as well. I looked at my pictures on 3 monitors and saw 3 different colours. Compared to the colour in real life, I think it is safe to say that it is a little lighter, brighter, and a bit more yellow than on my pictures. It is beautiful and really in-your-face! Your nails will definitely be noticed wearing this!

The wear was not impressive. The polish chipped after a day, but I was prepared for this to happen as this seems to be a neon / matte-drying polish problem. I condone this for such a great colour! I recommend applying lotion or oil around your cuticles when you take Flip Flop off, as the pigmentation is really intense and might stain your skin otherwise.

Pictures show two coats (no white base!) and top coat (Seche Vite) in the sun and shade.

Models Own Flip Flop Models Own Flip Flop Models Own Flip Flop Models Own Flip Flop

Even though my skin is far from tanned, I loved wearing it! I might get a few more from the Polish for tans collection, they all look really bright and glow-y!

If you think my quest for limegreen neon nail polish has finally come to an end, I must disappoint you – I still want to try Orly Glowstick as well as Thrillseeker. So stay tuned for both of them 🙂 Do you have any suggestions for great limegreen polishes for me?


2 thoughts on “Models Own Flip Flop Swatches and Review

  1. Uuuh, wow *Sonnenbrille rauskram*. Der ist definitiv auch was für mich! In diesem Knallton hab ich nur einen von Claires und einen billigen aus einem Primark 4er-Set. Aber mit “Luis Lemon” von Models own liebäugle ich schon lange… Ich kann dir nur das perfekte Neonorange empfehlen, und das ist für mich “Mayhem mentality” von Orly… glg


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