No 7 Blue Patent + Party Pearls – swatches and review

Hey beauties!

The nail polishes that I would like to show you today were gifts from a dear friend of mine. She brought them from the UK and they are from a brand called No.7, which I didn’t know before. As you may know it is almost impossible to order nail polish from the UK if you are not in the UK yourself, because the shipping policy is very strict and does not allow for nail polish to be shipped overseas. So: Yay! My friend thought of that too and surprised me with these beautiful colours for my birthday.

The two colours are a perfect pair: They are Blue Patent, the darkest marine blue nail polish I’ve ever come across. Party Pearls is a lovely glitter topper with glitters in pink, medium blue and purple in larger and smaller sizes. The bottles are beautiful and they feel and look high quality when handling them. The brush is also perfect (especially for such a dark colour where you have to be really precise and careful when applying the nail polish), it is not too thick or thin and rounded.

Before applying Blue Patent I applied a thick layer of base coat in order to avoid possible staining. Then I needed two coats of Blue Patent to achieve full coverage. I was surprised by how superdupershiny this nail polish dried! Unfortunately, some bubbles appeared on almost all nails, so I had to add a layer of Seche Vite to even this out. This is what the first picture shows.

No 7 Patent Blue

After wearing my nails like this for a day I decided to use the topper Party Pearls to extend the wear of the nail polish. And while I liked wearing Blue Patent on its own, I fell in love when I added the glitters!! They are the perfect topper for the dark blue, and the dark blue makes the glitters glow and shine like crazy. I love how the tiny glitter particles cover the whole nail, while the bigger particles add accents here and there. I received the look on the pictures with only one coat of Party Pearls, and it was really easy to apply, no dabbing required. I mattified the look on my ring finger just to see how it looks, and I love it, so I might wear the mattified version on all nails next time.

When I removed Blue Patent I had some problems with staining because of the intense blue pigment, but I was able to keep it to a minimum by applying cuticle oil around my fingernails before removing the polish.

No 7 Patent Blue plus Party Pearls No 7 Patent Blue plus Party Pearls No 7 Patent Blue plus Party Pearls

All in all, I will definitely wear this combination again soon, and I think that Blue Patent is the perfect base for so many other glitter toppers. Also, I already have a vision for it as a base for my beloved multichrome flakies from ILNP!

Also, I think that Party Pearls is a great topper with a decent glitter pay-off in one coat, which I love. So I’m dedicating this post to the blog challenge by the lovely Jenny from Plenty of Colours. This blog challenge encourages everyone to show and appreciate their toppers, so here is one of mine 🙂 And while I’m at it, I also saw that cyw has a related monthly challenge called “Glitter on Top” over at her blog, so I’m entering there as well 🙂 So many great challenges going on, I encourage everyone to participate!

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day!


8 thoughts on “No 7 Blue Patent + Party Pearls – swatches and review

  1. Hey 🙂

    Oh wow, your nails look incredible in both pictures! (I mean, both with and without the topper)
    I’m tge biggest nail polish noob there is, so this is like sorcery to me! 😀

    So beautiful!

    Lovely post!


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  2. Looking gorgeous! I love the glitter, especially on that beautiful base color. Thanks for participating! 🙂

    Oh, wäre auch auf deutsch gegangen, seh ich grade. Dann nochmal: Total schön! Du hast echt ein Auge für Kombinationen, der Glitter und die Base – traumhaft.

    Liked by 1 person

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