OPI – My Paprika is hotter than yours (Lacke in Farbe… und bunt!)

Hey beauties!

I have been wanting to participate in this blog challenge called Lacke in Farbe… und bunt! (trust me, a translation doesn’t make sense, it would take forever to explain this!) for a while now. Basically, the girls announce a colour each Wednesday, and you have one week to post a manicure with exactely that colour. The result is a beautiful and very colourful collection of manicure pictures that has become quite big lately! You should definitely go check it out on Lena’s Blog (extremely picture-heavy!).

So, I wanted to participate last week when the colour was silver. I tried a manicure with China Glaze I’d melt for you which according to the nail world is like the most amazing silver chrome nail polish out there. Well, I hated the outcome so much that I couldn’t post it. But this week the colour is light red, and I have just the colour for that!

I picked OPI My Paprika is hotter than yours from the Euro Centrale Collection. I recently got this from a polish exchange package and instantly fell in love with the signal red colour that seems to contain the finest silver shimmer particles. It is almost a one-coater but I did two coats anyways. I had some bubbles that I managed to even out with one coat of Sech Vite. The wear was good – you know me, I take off my nail polish after 3 days max, and this one was still looking good then!

First you see two pictures in the shade, then two in the sun. The ones in the sun show the microshimmer a little bit. I must say that in real life, the shimmer is even harder to see. It looks like a solid shiny creme most of the time.

OPI My Paprika is hotter than yours OPI My Paprika is hotter than yours OPI My Paprika is hotter than yours OPI My Paprika is hotter than yours

I am so proud that I actually managed to participate in a blog challenge. This one is a very flexible one, you can hop on and off anytime, or just show the colours you like. I will definitely do more of that in the future, maybe even some nail art challenges. I think it can be very helpful when you are lost in your stash and have no clue what to wear/show on your blog next! If you have any suggestions for other nail polish challenges, let me know!

Do you like blog challenges? Or do you prefer the freedom to blog about whatever comes to your mind?


One thought on “OPI – My Paprika is hotter than yours (Lacke in Farbe… und bunt!)

  1. Ich will Orange-Rot gerne mögen, weil ich es an anderen immer toll finde. Aber so ganz gelingt es mir nicht. Denn an mir selbst finde ich Orange-Rot sehr schwierig. Und wenn ich einen solchen Ton doch mal lackiere, schaue ich mir immer wieder auf die Nägel und denke “Ach, ich weiß nicht…” :/ Trotzdem ist dieser OPI-Ton eine schöne Farbe! Ich kann schon verstehen, dass du ihn toll findest.

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