SpaRitual – Flamenco

Hey beauties!

This weekend I had time to swatch the last one from my three SpaRitual nail polishes that I picked up at a TK Maxx store in Cologne. This one is called Flamenco and it is from an older collection known as the Dance collection from SpaRitual.

This is in some sense a premiere because this is the first sand/sugar/textured finish nail polish that I’m showing on my blog. I have a few nail polishes with this finish by now, but none of them ever made it on my blog. I can already tell you that this will change now though, because I just fell in love with this finish (I know, I’m late with this)! One reason is probably that it seems to be quite easy to capture in photos. When I photographed this one, every photo was a winner!

When I bought this I had no idea I was actually buying a textured finish nail polish. Most brands write this on their bottles, and I think this would be fair, since otherwise there is no way for you to see from the bottle that this will not dry shiny on your nails. On the other hand – if it had said textured finish on the bottle, I’m not sure whether I’d have bought it at all, and then I would have missed out on this beauty!

The wear was ok, this time I applied a base coat (not the one that SpaRitual recommends though) and I think this really helps with SpaRitual nail polishes. After 2 days I had a little bit of chipping, which is ok for a textured polish I would say. Removal was a little more annoying than usual, but not terrible.

The colour can be described as a reddish-pink base with yellow-golden bling-shimmer and, of course, a textured matte finish. The finish and the shimmer are fascinating to look at. And when the sun hits this nail polish, even though it is matte, it sparkles like crazy. Very nice! The first few pictures show the polish without top coat in the shade and sun, the last two pictures show it with one coat of Seche Vite, which didn’t make the finish all smooth but a little more shiny.

SpaRitual Flamenco

SpaRitual Flamenco

In the sun:

SpaRitual Flamenco SpaRitual Flamenco

With SV top coat, shade and sun:

SpaRitual Flamenco SpaRitual Flamenco

Superbling! Out of all three SpaRitual shades that I bought, this one is my favourite. I will wear it again soon! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this one on the german SpaRitual website, so I can’t tell you how to get it if you like it 😦 You might still be lucky at TK MAxx though, at least that is where I found it!

Are you also fascinated by textured nail polishes? Or aren’t they for you?


7 thoughts on “SpaRitual – Flamenco

  1. I looove this color! I have it too and it’s one of my favorites. If you layer it over black, it looks like a completely different color. I prefer it on its own, but I think that’s pretty neat.

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