SpaRitual – Intuition

Hello again beauties!

Today, as promised, I would like to show you another glassfleck nail polish by SpaRitual. This one is called Intuition and just like the one from my previous posting, I picked it up for 4 € at TKMaxx. It is also from the Illuminate Collection.

Intuition can be described as a nail polish with a purple/grape base and blue and pink glassfleck shimmer. This one is also quite sheer. I used three coats for the pictures below, and a fourth coat could have been added to fill in some bald spots here and there. Because of its translucency, the polish gets an interesting depth after 3 coats. I am sure it would also look fantastic layered over a dark base.

The wear was much better for this one than for the first SpaRitual I showed you. No chipping, just slight tipwear after 3 days. (edit/update: an associate from SpaRitual contacted me and gave me some additional information about their nail polishes that I would like to share with you: SpaRitual recommends using their base coat (“Multitasker”) to achieve a longer wear and durability (the SpaRitual nail polishes actually require such a basecoat). I think this information is very valuable as some of you might not know this and might be disappointed by the wear of the nail polish without a proper base coat). Now to the pictures!

Natural light/shade:

SpaRitual Intuition

SpaRitual Intuition

SpaRitual Intuition

Artificial light:

SpaRitual Intuition

Direct sunlight:

SpaRitual Intuition

Me likey! But again – I would probably not wear it on its own because 3-4 coats is just too much for me. I will definitely try to layer this one over another base colour though. (edit again: SpaRitual states in their email that the sheerness of these nail polishes is deliberate).

By the way, if you can’t find Intuition at TK Maxx anymore, it is also on sale on SpaRitual’s german webpage (9 € instead of 17 €)
If you like this one, make sure to check out my previous post about SpaRitual Improvisation or check back soon for one more glassfleck nail polish from SpaRitual (“Flamenco”)!

Thanks so much for stopping by! x


3 thoughts on “SpaRitual – Intuition

  1. Den habe ich mir auch bei TKMaxx mitgenommen, habe ihn aber bisher noch nie getragen, weil er schon beim Swatch so sheer war… über schwarz kann ich ihn mir abr sehr gut vorstellen und der Schimmer im Sonnenschein ist ja mal mega!

    Liebe Grüße ♥


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