SpaRitual – Improvisation


Today I would like to show you a nail polish from SpaRitual called “Improvisation” from their Illuminate Collection. I recently found it at a local TKMaxx – I love nail polishes with glassflecks so I had to buy this one! Also, it was only 4 €, and if you know Sparitual, you know that their nail polishes usually cost around 17 € a bottle. I don’t think I would have ever picked it up for the original price, but I really like that their nail polishes are all 100% vegan, which is a plus (even though I am not vegan).

So what we have here is a fuchsia/reddish jelly base colour with pink, white and blue glassflecks and shimmer particles in it. They give this polish a very cool, unique and interesting look. The polish is quite sheer, I needed 3 coats for the pictures below and with a little more time I would have added a fourth coat. The polish dries semi-matte, but on the pictures I used Seche Vite as top coat. So now it is a little more shiny, and the glassflecks give it an almost foil-y finish that was not so easy to capture. Drying time was good, but I must say I was a bit disappointed with the wear. It chipped within a day, and large bits peeled off very easily. Maybe it is me and my nail chemistry though but I thought I’d let you know. (edit/update: SpaRitual recommends using their base coat (“Multitasker”) to achieve a longer wear and durability (the SpaRitual nail polishes actually require such a basecoat). I think this information is very valuable as some of you might not know this and might be disappointed by the wear of the nail polish without a proper base coat). Now to the pictures!

Natural light, shadow:
SpaRitual Improvisation

SpaRitual Improvisation

Below is a shot in the sun:

SpaRitual Improvisation

And here is a new way (at least for me) to present nail polish – I see this “posing” a lot recently and I kind of like it, as it looks a little more natural or maybe more relaxed. Do you like this way of presenting a nail polish or do you prefer the “old-fashioned” four-fingers-in-a-row pictures? I can’t make up my mind yet 😉

SpaRitual Improvisation

I like “Improvisation” very much on me, but knowing that it needs at least 3 coats will probably keep me from wearing it again soon (edit again: SpaRitual states in their email that the sheerness of these nail polishes is deliberate). I can imagine that layering this beauty over a darker base colour would look very interesting.

In case you fell in love with “Improvisation” anyway, I just discovered that it is on sale on SpaRitual’s german webpage (9 € instead of 17 €)
If you like this one, make sure to check back soon – I have two more glassfleck nail polishes from SpaRitual coming up (“Intuition” and “Flamenco”)!

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice sunday and a great start into the new week!


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