BAM! Catherine nail polish by Natascha Ochsenknecht

Hi beauties!

Today I would like to show you a very colourful nail polish collection from the brand Catherine, and the colours were designed by Natascha Ochsenknecht! Since you my readers are pretty much from all over the world and might not know her: Natascha is a german celebrity and her signature are colourful clothes and make-up.

Catherine Natascha Ochsenknecht collection

This collection consists of 5 gaudy colours, four with a creme finish (yellow, neon green, neon pink and neon orange) and one with metallic shimmer (blue). The colours are nice and the collection suits Natascha Ochsenknecht very well! She likes to wear all 5 colours on on one hand, but after swatching them I think that wearing the colours one by one on their own makes them pop even more!

This collection really surprised me. Those are the first nail polishes I own from Catherine, so I had no expectations. When I saw the colours in the bottles I really loved them but I was sceptical about the application and opacity. Truth is, they all surprised me with an AMAZING colour pay off, full opacity after two coats, a nice drying time, AND a glossy finish on their own! Most neon nail polishes dry matte or semi-matte (e.g. China Glaze) so this is definitely a plus, even though I don’t really mind a matte finish because it can always be fixed with the right top coat.
All bottles contain 11ml of polish.

I’ll go from my least favourite to my most favourite colour of this collection!

First up is 255 “Golden Butterfly”, a yellow creme. It is a very luscious and beaming yellow, which is nice. As you can see, yellow just doesn’t go so well with my skintone, which is why this is, for me personally, the least favourite of the collection. But still, I think this can look fabulous on darker skins! The application was nice and easy, really surprising actually for a yellow. I wore this 3 days without chipping which is amazing!

Catherine 255 Golden Butterfly

Catherine 255 Golden Butterfly

I also wore this with Karneval with one coat of Lynnderella “The Glittering Crowd” on top (this yellow is the perfect polish when you are dressing up as a minion!!)

Catherine 255 Golden Butterfly and Lynnderella Glittering Crowd 1

Next up is 254 “No Purple Rain” which is the only colour with a shimmer finish in this collection. It is a very nice middle blue, and the shimmer gives it a nice glow and depth. I think for the sake of this collection I would have liked it more if the blue was also a neon creme shade, just because I like consistency/continuity in finishes in a collection. Others might not agree and I’ve seen bloggers saying that this was their favourite of the collection, so I’ll shut up because it is just a subjective thing. Application was great again and I wore this 1.5 days without chipping, which is satisfying. No staining after removal, which is a plus for a blue nail polish! Yay!

Catherine 254 No Purple Rain

Catherine 254 No Purple Rain

Next up is 253 “Bed of Roses”, which is a very loud and amazing neon pink creme. Really wow! It is really a beaming neon!  Amazing application again and I wore this 2.5 days without chipping.

Catherine 253 Bed of Roses Catherine 253 Bed of Roses

Next up is 252 “Dress me up”, you might need sunglasses when looking at it! 😉 This is the most amazing neon green nail polish I’ve come across. I thought this would compare to a Color Club neon green I own, but this hits the neon a tad better and the formula is so amazing… Now green is not an every day colour for me, which is why this is only my 2nd favourite of the collection… really love it though! I wore this 3 days without chipping.

Catherine 252 Dress me up Catherine 252 Dress me up

Last but certainly not least is 251 “Love me”, a creme neon orange. Guys, this is a colour I’ve been looking for a while now! I have a comparable polish by China Glaze (Orange Knockout), but the finish of the China Glaze is, again, matte! So I was really amazed that a BAM neon orange like this was actually possible with a glossy finish! This is the kind of colour that really attracts attention, so if you like your nails being stared at on the tram, you need this (and the green one, too!). The wear of this was excellent with 3 days without chipping.

Catherine - 251 Love me

Catherine - 251 Love me

The winner of this collection deserves one extra picture 😛 Here you can see how it practically glows in the sun!

Catherine - 251 Love me

Guys, I’m really taken by this collection. Formula, finish, dry time, opacity and wear are all excellent. I just have a few things to spoil the euphoria a little. First of all, the bottle design. It is kind of old-fashioned and looks a little cheap. I can’t really say why, but I would like it more if, for example, the brand name was not a sticker smacked onto the bottle, but a more high-end print like on the bottles of OPI. Not to mention the cap, where I think a textured black plastic cap would be more stylish. The brush and handling was good though.

I also wouldn’t complain about the looks of the bottle if this polish was affordable. If you preorder them now, they cost 12,95 EUR a bottle, which is ok for the great formula you get. Or, if you preorder the whole set, that would make 10,30 EUR per bottle.
But later, the price will be 16,95 EUR, which is 1,54 EUR/ml (compare this to OPI with 1,07 EUR/ml or Chanel with 1,85 EUR/ml). Just sayin’.

Thank you Catherine for this pr-sample!


14 thoughts on “BAM! Catherine nail polish by Natascha Ochsenknecht

  1. Wow, these look great! Our Canadian pharmacy, Shoppers Drug Mart, has been bringing in a couple of German brands (Artdeco and Misslyn), so I wonder if we may see Catherine in our drugstores in the near future…


    • Oh that’s interesting, I didn’t know Artdeco and Misslyn were expanding like that! Catherine is not available in drugstores in Germany, so I doubt that it will be so easily available in Canada. Catherine is a nail polish brand for professional salons and has a big online store, so those are the only options if you want to buy this polish in Germany.


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