Qlour Klimt Gold – swatch and review

Today is a premiere! Why you ask? Because I have never shown a golden / yellow toned nail polish on my blog! I’m not sure why, it is probably because I think these colours don’t go very well with my skintone. I am still convinced of this but I’m really glad that I at least tried – with Qlour “Klimt Gold”. This colour is part of the Klimt collection, which is inspired by a painting from Gustav Klimt called Adele Bloch-Bauer I (see below). As you can see, all of the colours of the collection can be found somewhere in the painting. I really love this idea! There should be more collections like this.

Qlour Klimt Kollektion

There are two different gold shades in this collection, “Klimt Gold” (middle right) and “Klimt Gold Shadow” (middle left). I would like to show you “Klimt Gold”, the lighter one of the two, today. If you are wondering what the darker shade “Klimt Gold Shadow” looks like, you can check out the beautiful swatches over at Marzipany’s Blog.
“Klimt Gold” is a typical golden nail polish with a glass-flecky finish. I like this finish a lot because it is easy to work with. Not like foily golden nail polishes that emphasize every little bump on your nail! This colour is a warm yellow-toned gold. This nail polish was easy to apply with a pleasant texture, not too runny and not too thick. It was opaque in two coats and the dry time was nice. I had slight tip wear after a day, which is a little disappointing but very common with glassfleck polishes. The pictures show “Klimt Gold”, two coats plus Seche Vite, in the sun and in the shade.

Qlour Klimt Gold Qlour Klimt Gold Qlour Klimt Gold

I still feel that gold makes my skin look red and blotchy. But apart from that I enjoyed wearing a golden nail polish for a change.

And I’ve saved the best for last: Since Qlour is a brand from Cologne, a city known for its crazy love for Karneval, the brand has a special Karneval offer until Feb. 18th, 2015! There is a discount on everything in their shop!

Thanks for stopping by!
P.S.: Have you seen my previous postings about Qlour “Romantic Grey” and “Graffiti Pink“?


5 thoughts on “Qlour Klimt Gold – swatch and review

  1. Klimt-inspired polish?! I think I know what heaven looks like…..And I feel the same way about gold polish against my pale skin. I like to pair it with a cool color, but by itself is always kind of a let down. Your nails look gorgeous from here though!


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