Enchanted Polish October 2014

Hi beauties!

Today -finally- I found time to blog about Enchanted Polish “October 2014”. It was very challenging to photograph this beauty with not so much sun, but I hope you will be able to discern the elegancy of this polish. I applied two coats plus one coat of Seche Vite, the application was easy and nice and my manicure lasted three days without chipping.

The colour is amazing. I would describe it as a black base with olive to gold to green shimmer, in combination with a fine-grained holographic effect. I love it! And I’m really sad to have missed the last trio that EP released, especially the Holiday colour! It looks so amazing and I can’t wait to see swatches of it from you guys! So please let me know if you have swatched it and the other two mystery colours (November and December). I will make sure not to miss the next EP restock, as these polishes are so unique and elegant! If you like October 2014, it is still possible to score it on ebay or on blog sales etc. A lot of people don’t like it – probably because it looks too dark or because it is not the normal boring pink/rose/red colour that everyone loves.

And now, without further ado, please enjoy some pic-spam in the sun, in the shade, and in artificial light!

Enchanted Polish October 2014

Enchanted Polish October 2014

Enchanted Polish October 2014

Enchanted Polish October 2014

Enchanted Polish October 2014


7 thoughts on “Enchanted Polish October 2014

  1. And there really are people who don’t like this colour? Why? I like it very much, though I think EP is quite overrated and wayyy to expensive for my income. The bottle is gorgeus though… goood whoever designed that one, they sure did a good job!


  2. Wie toll ist der denn 🙂 Würde ich auch stolz präsentieren, wenn er mein Eigen wäre… Aber wie Rea auch sagte, das Ding ist ganz schön teuer… Vielleicht taucht ja mal einer auf einem Blogsale auf… (Wers glaubt :-))


    • Das Problem bei den Blogsales – in den USA verkauft er sich nach dem offiziellen Release meist für noch mehr… manche machen da richtig ein Geschäft mit, weil die Monatsfarben so limitiert sind 😦 Da ist es echt die günstigste Variante, die Lacke direkt beim Erscheinen von Enchanted Polish zu kaufen. Einfach so ein unglaublicher Hype -.-


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