Manhattan Blogger’s Choice – Ni Hao in the morning

Ni hao!

Today I would like to show you my newest obession – a nail polish from the Manhattan Blogger’s Choice Collection called “Ni hao in the morning”. When I saw this in the shop I was instantly hypnotized by the blue, green, pink and white shimmer in the off-white base. When I brought my treasure home I looked online for swatches and expected to find choruses of praise for this beauty. But that was not the case! The few reviews I found were disappointed by the sheerness and dry time of this polish. I couldn’t believe that so I tried it right away. One blogger even mentioned that she needed 6 coats in order to achieve a nice look. 6 coats?! Well no wonder that the drying time is horrible then!

Fact is, I needed 3 coats but could have done 2 if I had been a little more careful during application. The application was no problem, I let each coat dry for 20 minutes to avoid dragging though. So, I don’t see the problem with this nail polish! The dry time – well everyone who owns a decent quick dry top coat will have no problems with this whatsoever. I can’t say anything to the dry time since I always use fast drying top coats as well.

Now to the pics! Enjoy and make sure to click the pictures in order to get to view them in full size! I tried different lightings in order to catch the beautiful shimmer. This polish is probably also very good for glitter sandwiches with a twist. Can’t wait to try it! I think the bloggers (I think the ones responsible for the Chinatown bit of this collection were Anna, Magi, and Mira) did a wonderful job!






(close up)

ni hao

I hope you liked my swatches! Have you also tried nail polishes that, according to other bloggers, were a nightmare but then you liked them a lot?


4 thoughts on “Manhattan Blogger’s Choice – Ni Hao in the morning

  1. Ohhh, wie schön!!! Und die Lacke gibt es bei dir schon?! Krass. Auf Twitter sagte mir Manhattan, die Lacke sollten erst Mitte Oktober kommen. Ich will fast alle und bin schon tierisch gespannt, ich will Ni Hao nämlich auch unbedingt 🙂


    • Oh dann habe ich wohl Glück! Habe ihn im dm gefunden. Ein paar andere Swatches gibt es ja schon, also denke ich mal, dass er jetzt nach und nach ausgeliefert wird! An dieser Farbe wirst du bestimmt viel Freude haben ❤ 🙂


      • Die Swatches, die ich gesehen hab, waren bisher leider allesamt zugeschickte Lacke als Belohnung für die Teilnahme an der Farbauswahl. Aber wenn sie bei dir schon stehen, hoffe ich mal das beste… Vielleicht gehe ich morgen schon mal auf die Jagd! Der Lack ist so hübsch!


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