My first water marble is inspired by – a cleaning agent brand! Happy b-day Persil!

My dear readers,

there is this one thing I always wanted to try, but all the frustrated blog postings, tweets and forum discussions made me doubt about the fun of it: Water marbling. I really did a lot of research before deciding to finally try it, and I must say thank you to all the great tutorials (especially youtube) and a big WOW to all the girls being so creative and doing the most beautiful nail art water marbles!

I needed a colour inspiration, and it just so happend that my desk was full with free samples from the new Persil Duo-Caps cleaning agent. I like the colours on the package and the background kind of looks like a watermarble itself. So I looked in my Helmers to find a lot of the colours that could possibly match the package.

For my left hand, I picked a strong red, green, blue and white out of this collection. For my very first water marble I was very satisfied with the outcome. But it didn’t look at all like the Persil package – the red changed into a pink (because I had one coat of white as a base on my nails). I liked the colour combo though and tried different patterns:

Water Marble Nail Art

Water Marble Nail Art

For my right hand I decided to narrow down the colours to white, green and blue. I also picked a glittery green that worked very well! I think this colour combo comes much closer to the Persil package, even though I wish the colours would have turned out a little less pastel-y. And maybe I should have skipped the blue and just do a green water marble like on the bottom of the package:

Persil Duo Caps Nail Art

Persil nail art

I hope my little brand-friendly digression didn’t scare you guys too much –  I just needed a little inspiration. And, oh, today it’s the 106th birthday of Persil, so just consider this a very generous birthday present to the brand from me 🙂

Colours used:

Color Club white (no name)
Color Club grass green (no name)
P2 glitter green (050 green palm tree)
Essence red (02 back to the 50s)
Flormar blue (N002 Neon Blau)

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “My first water marble is inspired by – a cleaning agent brand! Happy b-day Persil!

  1. Jealous! I have never managed to have ANY success with this technique. obviously I am doing something wrong, because yours look gorgeous!


    • Thanks Lois 🙂 Just keep trying and watch youtube videos! That way I was able to avoid many of the mistakes that can happen when you try it for the first time! Good luck!!


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