Bondi New York “Strawberry Fields” nail polish swatches and review


Today I have a review of a very special nail polish for you. It is so special to me because for the first time ever, my blog has received a free sample to review. From the first email I got to the last contact I had with this brand so far, it was a very pleasant experience! I was allowed to pick a colour from their website and I chose “Strawberry Fields”, a muted/ slightly off pink/red shade – quite unique and very suitable if you love to wear reds but are looking for a less vampy and maybe in some occasions more appropriate red. And I love the name (Beatles ftw!). This is the description of the Bondi website:

“Nails get juicy with a sweet strawberry shade minus the pesky seeds. This delicious day dream of a color evokes a warm summer afternoon where all you’re required to do is laze around the grassy landscape. Get to it, shortcake.”

Red nail polishes are usually known for their easy application. This red is no exception – I only needed two thin coats to achieve a very nice, opaque and even finish. The polish is rather thin but not too watery.  The brush is perfect, the smell is ok. What I really liked when applying the polish is the texture of the cap – it has this rubbery finish, making it easy to hold.

For the pictures below I used two coats and a fast drying top coat. I wore this colour 3 full days without any chipping, which is already long for me. Removing this nail polish was easy and I loved that this polish didn’t stain my surrounding skin when I did!

I pretty much like everything about this nail polish. Apart from “Strawberry Fields”, Bondi New York currently offers 19 other colours. I’d be willing to pay 15$ for another colour, if the application, wear and removal is as good as with Strawberry Fields. The reason I say this is that I’ve experienced that different shades from the same brand can behave very different, so I can’t generalize. I’m looking forward to seeing what this brand comes up with in the future as I would really love to see some more colours!






  • 15$

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