Holothon #2 – Magnetic Spectacular Stone

Hi everyone!

Yay, my second Holothon posting! This challenge is so much fun, I have so many holos I’d love to show you! And most of them are actually untried, just like the one I would like to show today:

The name is Magnetic “Spectacular Stone”. And it is not a magnetic nail polish – just the brand is called Magnetic. (Sidenote: How cool would a magnetic holographic nail polish be?). Apart from being unmagnetic, this polish has fine holo glitter. It is not quite a linear holo, but definitely a finer graded one than the Kiko 255 I showed you last time. The base colour of Spectacular Stone reminds me of an eggplant colour – slightly purple with hints of brown. And then there is the beloved holo effect again! Oh, but as with most subtle holos, the rainbow effect was hard to capture.

Application and drying time was excellent! Ladies, this holo is a one coater. The third picture was taken with wearing only one coat. I added another coat for the other pictures, just because it is my habit and of course it makes the colour look even deeper. But you can definitely wear it as a one coater! Drying time was also superquick. And there is no dragging.

When I bought it, it was around 5 € a bottle. I tried to google the shop where I bought it but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore. It looks like Magnetic as a nail polish brand is not available so easily anymore (at least in Germany).

Anyways, here are the pics in different lighting conditions! Pictures get big when you click them!

Magnetic Spect Stone

Magnetic Spect Stone

Magnetic Spect Stone

Magnetic Spect Stone

Thanks for looking! Be sure to check out all the other awesome bloggers participating in the Holothon. One click on the InLinkz-Button takes you to an overview:

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