Drugstore Treasures: Essence “A lovely secret”

Hey beauties,

time for a “normal” swatch posting, don’t you think?

Today I have for you another polish I’d call a “drugstore treasure”: A lovely lavender colour with pink microshimmer by Essence called 86 A lovely secret. Essence recently changed their bottlestyle and also their brush (not a fan of the new one!). The price per ml went down (it used to be 0,25 EUR per ml and now 0,20 EUR per ml).  They introduced a whole range of new, pretty colours, some of which I’m hoping to show you on here soon!

Sadly, along with the changes, some permanent colours suddenly left the shelfs. A lovely secret is one of them and I really don’t know why – it is soo pretty and it was almost always sold out at Essence counters. I tried to capture the shimmer in different lighting conditions… not easy! It is much more visible in real life. If you look really closely, it even has some black matte microglitter in it, which makes the polish even more interesting and unique!

The application was really good, the polish was easy to apply and not too thin. For the pictures I used two coats with top coat. If your local drugstore still has some of the old bottles left, I highly recommend grabbing one 🙂 I saw they still have them at Kaufhof!

Thanks for looking! I’m planning a summary posting about my Aerosil experiments some time next weekend, so stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Drugstore Treasures: Essence “A lovely secret”

  1. I love that!! Do u live in the UK? Is it possible I send you money to buy the Tutty Fruity essence polishes, it’s not sold in the US?


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