Catrice C01 “Be Pool”

Hey Beauties!

Geez, this whole frankening and Aerosil thing kinda interfered with my steady swatching routine! I’m so sorry for not posting swatches for such a long time, and I really missed it!

For those of you who read my blog for suspension base / Aerosil updates – I haven’t forgotten about you guys. The very lovely lady Chiro from Nailofthisweek, who was incredibly helpful with all her comments on dispersing Aerosil in clear polish etc. sent me some Aerosil samples which I will try out and blog about real soon!

Okay, now back to the beauty of this post: I’d like to show you a limited edition polish by Catrice called “Be Pool”.
I travelled through half Cologne to find a bottle, as it was from the „Nymphelia“-LE which was not available everywhere at first. Later on it became much easier to grab a bottle… but I panicked so I had to have it as early as possible 😉

This is a very nice muted teal colour with this beautiful subtle shimmer in it. Very flattering for cool skin tones. When the sun hits it, it is simply breathtaking. But even without direct sunlight the shimmer adds a nice depth to it.  All pictures show two coats with top coat in different lighting conditions. Now to the pics!

Catrice Be Pool

Catrice Be Pool

Catrice Be Pool

And a little bonus if you made it til here: One coat of Cult Nails “Toxic Seaweed” on top of Catrice Be Pool! I liked this combination but I must say, the colour of “Be Pool” is a little too blue for Toxic Seaweed, which definitely goes more into the green.

Catrice Be Pool + Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great week!


Looking forward to your comments! Feel free to write in English or German :)

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