Catrice “Houston’s Favorite”

Hello Beauties!

The Out of Space LE by Catrice has been in the shops in June and July. I love the nail polish colours – 3 of them are really dark and mysterious – I still wonder why Catrice brought out this LE in summer but oh well! I bought the nail polishes and wear them now, in fall and winter – today I would like to show you C02 “Houston’s Favorite”. In the bottle the colour looks like a smokey mid-blue or petrol shimmer, with duochrome shimmer into purple. Very pretty! On the nails, the slight duochrome effect is not visible though. I used two coats, no base or top coat, and the application was actually good! I expected some bubbles but luckily no bubbles formed while drying – other Catrice nail polishes usually dry bubbly on my nails!

Catrice Houstons Favorite

Catrice Houstons Favorite

Catrice Houstons Favorite

Catrice Houstons Favorite

I love this nail polish! I think it is very unique, too – I can’t think of any dupe. The petrol/teal colour is definetely “hip” for the cold months ahead, so I’m sure I’ll be wearing this one a lot!

Thanks for looking!


3 thoughts on “Catrice “Houston’s Favorite”

  1. This is nice! The only polish I got from that LE was Moonlight Express and was kinda disappointed with it. Wish I could have gotten Beam Me Scotty as it has a matte/suede finish…


  2. Die Farbe sieht tatsächlich verdammt genial aus. Mich wundert’s auch, dass die Out of Space LE als Sommeredition konzipiert wurde. Sie ist mEn definitv etwas für den Herbst/ Winter. 🙂


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