Beautymail from Mylanqolia!!

Hey beauties,

I’m so excited! I was chosen as a guest blogger over at MylanQolia’s Blog. She made a giveaway for her readers who would like to write guest postings about some P2 nail polishes – and then she chose me ❤

Together with the nail polishes that I will review for her blog, she sent me soo much more cute stuff! Check out all the goodies:

Oh euh – there was also candy with it but I already ate it up lol. The jewlery on the left side is so unique – I don’t think I can buy that here in Germany. She picked a set of ring, necklace and hair clips with cherries and another set also including a key chain with a beautiful bird. Can’t wait to wear those!
I must say, she is also a very gifted painter / graphic artist. The package looked amazing and had all these cute little drawings on it. Like this little fellow:

And now a close up of the nail polishes:

I’m totally in love with all of these! They are really nice creme colours – can’t wait to swatch them for Mylanqolia! I’ll make sure to let you know when my postings are up on her blog, so you can go and check them out 🙂

Thanks again Mylanqolia!


2 thoughts on “Beautymail from Mylanqolia!!

  1. Danke für das Kompliment, aber die Zeichnungen waren wirlklich nur in aller Eile hingekritzelt, weil das Verpacken schon extrem zeitintensiv war. Never ever again, aber so bliebt wenigstens alles heil. 🙂 Übrigens bin ich beeindruckt, wie toll du die Produkte in Szene gesetzt hast. Das macht schon was her. 😉


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