Candy Mani! Nailstation La Plage + Circus Confetti + Alessandro New Moon

Hello everyone!

If you’re a fan of OPI on Facebook you might have noticed that they’ve been asking if their fans ever did a “Candy Mani”. First thing I did was to google it up because of course I had no clue what it was!

What I found sounded so interesting that I had to try it right away: You choose a cream base (pastel colour), then some glitter and on top a sorbet colour with a jelly / sheer finish. This gives a really cool effect and your Mani looks like candy!

Here is my first attempt! First the base colour: Nailstation “La Plage” – a wonderful, superopaque creme baby blue nail polish that dries supershiny! I won this one once from Solveig (Nailin’ it) and I’m still soo thankful for this! All pictures are clickable.

Nail Station La Plage

Then I added Essence “Circus Confetti” which comes pretty close to all the other chunky glitter polishes like Deborah Lippmans “Happy Birthday” or Milani “Gems”. On top of that I added one coat of Alessandro “New Moon” and I loved the outcome! It mutes the glitter but they still shine through, so it actually looks like candy! Yay!

Candy Manicure

Candy Manicure

I love it and I already have some other ideas for these kind of manicures! Here are the stars of this Manicure again:

Alessandro New Moon, Essence Circus Confetti, Nailstation La Plage


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