Catrice From Dusk To Dawn + OPI Sparkle-icious

Hey Beauties!

I’m so sorry for neglecting my blog the last 2 weeks! I was a very busy bee but I also swatched some beautiful nail polishes for fall so stay tuned! In my opinion, swatching and taking pictures is the fun part, while working on the pics and watermarking them is a pain in the butt.

But, here I go, with a combination of polishes that might be a little unusual but I like it! I combined a dark taupe or brown creme colour by Catrice called From Dusk To Dawn (200) with one of my favourite glitters: OPI Sparkle-icious. The reason why I like the OPI sparkle so much is because of its unique combination of glitter colours: a very nice blue and purple combined with gold – I love it! The reason why I put it on top of FDTD is because as you might be able to see in the first pictures, there was some dragging of the colour and there were some bald spots on my nails. Covering them up with glitter worked pretty well!

I am quite surprised the Catrice polish worked this time though. I applied 2 coats – usually, with all Catrice polishes, I always get bubbles and I hate that. But this time it worked out better! The glitter is also 2 coats, and then Essie Good To Go on top. I think there are better combinations than this, but it was a great way to fix the bald spots 😉

All pics clickable!

Catrice From Dusk To Dawn

Catrice From Dusk To Dawn

Catrice From Dusk To Dawn

Close-Up for the glitterfreaks:

Catrice OPI Sparkle-icious

Have a great start into the new week everyone!


3 thoughts on “Catrice From Dusk To Dawn + OPI Sparkle-icious

  1. Very pretty! 🙂 Bei mir bilden die schimmernden Catrice Nagellacke auch unschöne Bläschen. Ich weiß mir auch darauf keinen Reim zu machen. Darum lasse ich Catrice Nagellacke links liegen. Apropos, du hast Pooooohoooost! 😉


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