Essence Urban Messages LE 02 Skyscraper

Hey beauties!

I’m pretty excited to show you a polish from the Urban Messages LE by Essence that just came out a few days ago. This LE was co-created by some german beauty bloggers and I think they knew what they were doing – creating lemmings and especially nail polishes that are quite unique and not very conventional. Today I would like to show you the colour Skyscraper, a light grey/taupe colour with a finish I cannot describe! It has some tiny blue glitter in it plus what seems like really teeny-tiny black particles which give it this special look. It looks like concrete or some stone-like structure! Make sure to click the pictures for all the details 🙂

Essence 02 Skyscraper

Essence 02 Skyscraper

Essence Urban Messages

Essence Urban Messages nail polish

Nail Polish Skyscraper Essence

Actually, the first thing I thought was “blegh”, because this nail polish violates all the rules that sum up what pretty polishes should look like. But it totally grew on me and fascinates me. I really hope for the beauty bloggers who created this, that not only nail polish freaks will love this polish.

These pictures show 3 coats, no base or top coat. The application was good, and I really liked the drying time of this polish. Does it have any of the usual nail polish finishes you know? It’s not really a shimmer, even though there is blue shimmer in it, it’s more like a creme with some stone-structure or something. Very hard to describe!
Do you guys like this nail polish?

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