Chanel 531 Péridot

Dear readers,

after struggling with myself for a while and even finding a close dupe to Chanel Peridot (Sephora “Diving in Malaysia”), this Chanel polish finally conquered me. I had to buy it. After wearing it for some days, even to work and stuff, I figured out that this is really not my colour. It is a very fascinating nail polish indeed, with all these duochrome effects and the foily look, but the colour doesn’t grow on me. Anyways, since I made some pics and I might help someone by showing them on my blog, here we go!

Chanel Peridot

The colour is hard to describe – it is a duochrome polish showing yellow, green, gold and even blue sometimes. Very fascinating!

Chanel Peridot

Chanel Peridot

Since I didn’t like the colour on myself so much I decided to put some crackling polish over it. In combination with this crackling top coat I loved Peridot! The crackling topcoat is from IsaDora and I added a shiny top coat.

Chanel Peridot

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