MAC Semi-Precious LE – Smoked Ruby

Hey beauties!

I’m trying hard to be up to date here, with this little post about one of the eye shadows I bought from the current Semi-Precious LE by MAC. I want to mention right away: I didn’t put this on myself, the nice lady from the MAC counter did.

Which leads me to the confusing advice I got from beauticians working for MAC. Let me tell you the story:

Since the eyeshadows from MAC are pretty expensive I wanted to be sure to buy the right colour for myself, instead of just taking the one that looks good in the package. So I asked the MAC beautician of the first perfumery. She adviced me to get “Faux Gold”, a copper colour that was supposed to be complementary to my eyecolor (blue). I was not ready to buy it yet, so I went to the other perfumery to talk with another beautician to get a second oppinion.

I asked her to recommend an eyeshadow colour out of the semi-precious LE that would look good on me. She adviced me to get “Rare Find”, a brownish colour with purple shimmer. “Faux Gold” (which the other lady had adviced) was not even under the Top 3 of her recommendations. “Smoked Ruby” was though, and she even put it on me. I will show you the pictures of this in a minute.

I decided to buy “Smoked Ruby”. The next day I wanted to go back and also buy “Rare Find” because it was one of the recommendations too. I went to the other MAC-store because it was closer to me at that time, and since there was a different beautician again, I decided to ask for her opinion about what colour suits me best. She adviced me to get “Clarity”! Then I asked her what she thinks about “Smoked Ruby” which I had already bought the day before (which she didn’t know) and she totally disagreed and said that together with my skin colour this would look like I had cried. Hm. And also “Faux Gold” was a no-go according to her. This left me totally confused.

I want to know now – is there even such a thing as right and wrong colours for your eye-colour / skin-tone or is this an overated topic?
Or did these beauticians give me wrong advice? Sometimes I think that one only wanted to sell the colour that she felt was not selling well to me, while the second one seemed to really care about me.
Do you think “Smoked Ruby” is a colour I can wear? Thanks for reading and commenting girls, I appreciate that!

MAC semi precious Smoked Ruby

MAC semi precious Smoked Ruby


MAC semi precious Smoked Ruby

Smoked Ruby



Looking forward to your comments! Feel free to write in English or German :)

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