MAC “Bad Fairy” vs. Accessorize 35 “Pink Spice”

Hey lovelies!

I’ve been meaning to show you this comparison already a while ago, but as always, I’m kinda behind with the trending topics. There was once a LE by MAC called “Venomous Villains” and there were three very famous nail polishes from that LE that were sold out in no time. One of those polishes was called “Bad Fairy” – a red duochrome foilish shade which turned pink and orange depending on the light. Today I would like to introduce to you a close dupe by Accessorize called “Pink Spice”. I have both polishes and I must say they are pretty close. But see for yourself:

Comparison MAC Accessorize bottles

Accessorize Pink Spice Mac Bad Fairy

From the bottle pics you might think that there would be a difference in duochrome-ness between the two and that MAC would show much more color changing effects than Accessorize. But that is not the case! Here on the nail:

MAC Bad Fairy Accessorize Pink Spice

You see here 2 coats of each polish. Actually, the Accessorize Pink Spice was more opaque and easier to apply than the MAC Bad Fairy. This is also why I will put my MAC polish on my sale (you can also check it out from worldwide and then contact me if you’re interested in any of the products I show there). Here another picture of these polishes in artificial light, where they lose their duochrome effect:

MAC Bad Fairy

And for completion, this is what Pink Spice as a whole mani looks like:

Accessorize Pink Spice Swatch


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