H&M Ocean Sand

Hey all!

After introducing to you the 3 new summer polishes by H&M in a previous post, I want to show you swatches of the second one called Ocean Sand. Sadly, this is one of the worst nail polishes I have ever tried. The application is horrible because the nail polish forms bubbles and it also felt like there were chunks in the polish that give it this bumpy look. I made pictures anyways, to show you what I mean. Please excuse that these pics really don’t show a neat manicure like usually, but this is reality and I didn’t want to withhold this from you. Oh, and did I tell you that this polish also never completely dries? The next morning I was able to damage the surface very easily with my nail, in fact I could take the whole polish off just by rubbing over it. Enjoy the pics 😉

On the pictures you see two coats. No base or top coat and I also tried not to shake the polish before use – it didn’t make the bubbles any better.

I gave this nail polish away. I heard that sometimes nail polishes behave differently depending on the person wearing it. I will ask my friend soon, if her experiences were the same.
What is the worst nail polish (brand) that you have ever tried?


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