p2 690 forever + Golden Rose Scale Effect 15

Hey beauties,

I was shocked when I saw that I hadn’t posted a single p2 nail polish on my blog here yet, so I will change that by showing you my favourite colour in their stock: 690 forever is a beautiful old rose or dirty rose colour going into brown / light mud. It’s a pure creme, so no shimmers or anything. In my opinion it is the perfect colour for in the office and for every day use.

I love the application (2 coats on the pics) and the drying time. I wear it whenever I know that it would not be appropriate to show up with crazy painted nails. The first pic shows it in artificial light, the second one in the sunlight.

Soo, what to do with your manicure if it looks dull after a few days? Right, you layer something over it! Since I still hadn’t tried my new flakies from Golden Rose I just put it on top. Note that this flakie-version is quite special since it contains two different flake-colours: the well-known orange-duochrome and a very stunning blue. I love it, it is soo unique! I must say that layering it over the p2 polish wasn’t the best idea though, these two colours don’t go together very well. But it’s good enough to show you Golden Rose Scale Effects 15! This is two coats, and of course, the flakie-density becomes more with every coat you add.

Thanks for looking! My next post will be announcing the winner of my very fist giveaway which will end tonight at 8p.m. ECT.


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