Multichrome comparison Essence, Catrice, Artdeco, Nubar

Hey girls,

this year there seems to be a new trend concerning multichrome / polychrome nail polishes. Now even all the drugstore-brands have at least one of those in their range of products. I like that because I think it is so fascinating to see all these different colours in one bottle. On the nail it seems that not all of the effect shows up anymore, but the polishes still look pretty. Here are the four polishes I compared:

Nubar – Purple Beach
Artdeco – 225
Catrice – Iron Mermaiden
Essence – Where is the Party?

You might ask what the Nubar polish is doing there, because in the bottle it shows only two colours. Well, by coincidence I saw that on the nail, it comes very very close to Essence Where is the Party so I added it to the comparison. Here we go:

All of the swatches in this post are only one coat. You can already see on the nail wheel that colours looking similar in the bottle don’t necessarily look the same when used. Catrice Iron Mermaiden and Artdeco 225 are very sheer, while Nubar and Essence cover quite good in one coat.
And here are the polishes on my nails (also one coat only for better comparison):

Multichrome polishes seem to always be a surprise. What you see in the bottle, is not always what you get. If I had to rank the four polishes, it would probably look like this:

1. Essence – Where is the Party
2. Nubar Purple Beach
3. Artdeco – 225
4. Catrice – Iron Mermaiden

This is because of the sheerness of Artdeco and Catrice, the bubble-building on Catrice that I had experienced when I had tried it for the first time, and the opacity of Nubar and Essence. None of these polishes is an exact dupe to another one, they are all unique in their shimmers, reflections and base colour. I wish I had some piCture pOlishes… I heard (and saw!!) that they are the ÜBER-multichromes…


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