Orly Space Cadet and Galaxy Girl

Hey beauties!

“Space Cadet?? Galaxy Girl?? These are old girl, you are way behind with your post!”

I know I know, and I have no intention of boring you guys with this post, but since I see my own blog also as a database for myself and since I love the two colours sooo freaking much, I will post a picture of both of them real quick 🙂

The first pic shows Orly Space Cadet in two coats. In my opinion this is the most beautiful duochrome polish ever.

This second pic shows two coats of Galaxy Girl, but as you can see (for example on my pinkie), a third coat wouldn’t hurt. I like this one lots too, I think what’s unique about this shade is the very dark base in contrast to the very bright shimmer/flecks.

The two polishes were from the Orly Cosmic FX fall 2010 collection. They are still available on ebay etc. In the meantime, quite a few dupes for the two colours popped up.

Space Cadet:

  • Mac’s VV “Mean and Green”
  • Accessorize “Aztec”
  • Claire’s “Venemous”

Galaxy Girl:

  • Mac’s VV “Formidable”
  • Claire’s “Evil Queen”

Oh btw, did you enter my giveaway yet? If not, why don’t you have a look? (:


2 thoughts on “Orly Space Cadet and Galaxy Girl

  1. Dankeschön für deinen lieben Kommentar 🙂 Uh.. ich habe eben auf deinem Blog diesen Lack entdecktr Nfu Oh 60 und ich brauche ihn umbedingt 😀 Du böse hast mich angefixt. 😉


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