Sally Hansen Nail Prisms 29 Golden Tourmaline

Well hello there!

While swatching all of my red nail polish shades on nail wheels I discovered some gems I had forgotten about. Like Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in 29 Golden Tourmaline. The Nail Prisms had some holographic colours and some gorgeous duochromes – Golden Tourmaline is one of the holos.

I must say, I had also forgotten that the application of this nail polish is an absolute dream! This doesn’t hold for all of the Nail Prisms (some are actually a pain and never-drying) but this one is really fun! One coat is almost opaque, the brush allows you to be very precise and the drying time is great.

About the colour – it is a warm red with very fine holographic particles. I’m not very good at describing colours, and I don’t need to because the following pictures speak for themselves!

Golden Tourmaline reminds me of OPI DS Vintage and DS Limited but it is still unique.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Nail Prisms 29 Golden Tourmaline

    • aaw thank you! let me tell you a secret – these pics were not even taken in the sun. I have this awesome warm-toned LED-light from IKEA that does the trick! No sun here either 😉


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