Essence 43 Where is the Party? And haul…


After feeling weird for running into our local drugstores every day to check if the new cosmetic line of essence was already there, this evening after work I got rewarded! Here are the polishes I bought:

From left to right: Nail Art Special Effect Topper 04 “Mystic Mermaid”, Colour&Go 50 “Irreplaceable”, Colour&Go 57 “Can’t Cheat On Me”, Nail Art Magnetics 02 “Hex Hex”, Nail Art Magnetics 03 “Magic Wand”, Nail Art Special Effect Topper 03 “Hello Holo” and Colour&Go 43 “Where is the party”.

The beauty on the right is the polish I have already been excited about in a previous post. I must say, the promo-picture left a lot of room for dreams about a rainbow-like polish, in the end this turned out to be a duochrome, but a real pretty one. Here are the pics!

As you can see on the pictures, this polish is duochrome between mostly purple and green, with grey and silver elements. So pretty! And this was great to work with, I loved the formula! On the pictures I only used one coat and I liked how opaque it already is (although a second coat would, of course, bring it to perfection).

I compared it to Nubar Purple Beach because it reminded me of this polish, but the swatch shows the difference:

I think there is another duochrome coming close to Where is the Party but I can’t think of it right now. What polish does Where is the Party remind you of?


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