Accessorize Shade 6 “Notorious”

Dear Readers,

may I introduce to you this little fellow – a nail polish from “Accessorize” called Notorious. The german girls might ask themselves now if they have ever seen the Accessorize Shops selling nail polishes – well unfortunately, they don’t (in Germany). Let’s all hope they will start selling nail polish in Germany soon!

I ordered my polish at the UK-webshop, they do deliver to Germany. I came across their nail polishes because I heard they have a dupe for Mac Bad Fairy, which is true! I will post a comparison of the two polishes soon.

Notorious is a very dark shade with iridescent green and purple shimmers. In the bottle it looks amazing – on my nails I miss the “glow”. Still, the polish has something unique to it, sometimes shimmering green and sometimes purple, but it really just looks dark grey most of the time. Let me show you what I mean:

This is what the polish looks like most of the time. I like the glossy finish! I used 2 coats to make it opaque, the application was easy and the polish dries actually pretty fast. Now some pictures where I tried to capture the shimmers:

And then the sun came out, so I thought that this would be perfect to show you guys the shimmers, but, as you can see in the following picture, even the sun wasn’t able to make the polish “glow”:

I think this polish is a good alternative if you are looking for a dark shade with some “extra”. Do not get mislead by the bottle though, it (unfortunately) doesn’t look like that on your nails!

Edit: Since I was curious about if Accessorize would plan to release their cosmetics range internationally I wrote them an email. They answered:

"Unfortunately, at this time we have no plans to release our cosmetics
range internationally. However, we do appreciate all feedback which we
receive from our customers and we will forward them onto the relevant

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